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Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Complete works of H.P. Lovecraft

The Complete Works of H.P. LovecraftThe Complete Works of H.P. Lovecraft by H.P. Lovecraft

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HP Lovecraft is just awesome. He takes you literally to another world and sometimes he will bring you back and at other times he will leave you. Lovecraft's writing go beyond horror. He seem to have intimate knowledge of the occult and witchcraft and he applies that well to his own mythos. After reading this collection I personally believe that Mr. Lovecraft was a prophet of sorts and that he in fact really has traversed to these other worlds. I would also like to thank Cthullhu Chick for putting together this awesome collection. I really got a feel for it and it opened up many avenues. Bravo!

Most of H.P. Lovecraft's writing centers around the Cthullu mythos and the Deep Ones. All around the world there are various cults that are dedicated to Cthullhu and the other deep ones. They want to resurrect him so he can take his diabolical control. Cthullhu and Nyalatharotep are from somewhere out in deep space even beyond our dimension. Their leader is the blind idiot god , Azazoth, who is at the center of Chaos. Nyalatharotep is known as the dark pharoah and he is the one who leads most of the witch craft cults. Most of Mr. Lovecraft's stories take place in Arkham a fictional city with a fictional university called Miskatonic. Left behind from the deep ones are such dreaded grimoires as the "Necronomicom" and the "Book of Eibon"

Mr. Lovecraft details his mythical version of history rather well in the story "Mountains of Madness" I will not give you a summary of the story but I will share something rather important. The story contains a time line of different period of aliens colonizing the Earth. The Old Ones came first many millions of years ago. They built cities that could best be described as cyclopean. They had starfish like heads and tentacles for arms. They lives both on land and under the sea. They created life of which humanity is just an offshoot or accident. They created the Shuggoth who are hard to describe but can take on many different shapes. They were made as slave. Later on the Shuggot would rebel but their rebellion would be short lived. Next came the deep ones with Cthullhu at the lead. They drove the old ones into the sea while they took over the land. Eventually flooding would entrap them in their cities and they would be trapped. The Old One would reassert control. Much later the Migo, crablike beings would fly in from the planet Pluto. They have the ability to take human brain, preserve them and keep them conscious and take them to that Planet Pluto. Remanant of each of these aliens still exist and they have hidden follower. In another LoveCraft story the author predicts our end and a species of Beetle will run the planet.

Enjoy the book everyone it is well worth the investment. This book has now prompted me to explore the Cthullhu mythos much further.

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