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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mercurial Money Magic

Money Magic: Mastering Prosperity in its True ElementMoney Magic: Mastering Prosperity in its True Element by Frater U.D.

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Most of us when we did a magical working for money often worked with Jupiter or with Venus principals. After all money is associated normally with the element of Earth. Jobs, material goods, cattle and plenty of food. Hey that is all earthy. Money is of a different nature. Material goods tend to be more permanent money is very transitory. It moves around a lot and never really stays in one place. Money likes to be spent not saved up in one place to collect moths. So author Frater UD takes on a new approach of invoking the deity Mercury. Mercury is a communication god, he is the messenger of the gods. He is always moving around. Mercury is also the patron of thieves and merchants. Money is now seen as an air element. A different approach. One that works according to Frater UD who has tried and tested it for the last 15 years and found success.

Money as an air element is not so revolutionary. A French set of Tarot cards had pentagrams as an air element. Now when it comes to money magic there just ain't a whole lot out there. Most of it is trying to chat with your guardian angel and reach some subjective experimental level. Money magic is success magic it deals with either making it or not making it. Magic like the Judeo Christian community has an attitude that money is evil or those that have it are. This attitude has got to change. Money is energy.

Frater Ud's first recommendation is an invocation of Mercury. An invocation is when you call the deity into yourself and allow for a possession. The author advises proper preparation. Bathing and being clean. Having your you personal invocation prewritten . You start off with the lesser banishing pentagram ritual. then the invocation. Good idea to have on hand eight orange candles, tin and copal for incense. Once the deity is within you then you can charge a talisman.

The next magical ACTION is a sigil making. To make a sigil you write out your phrase of intent and then cross out every repeating letter.Take the remaining letters. Raise the energy direct it and then you destroy the sigil an forget about. The author also tells you how to charge 4 good luck charms using all your senses and then getting them out their to push forward the flow of energy. There are some exercises to break certain inhibition regarding money.One exercise involves standing in a crowded place and handing out money and another involves asking for money. I do not know about the asking for money part it seems rather risque.

There are planetary pathworkings involving Jupiter, Saturn and Venus. Finally the author finishes off a discussion about Casino where he aptly compares them to temple to Fortuna. He believe in keeping the money moving as money likes to move not stagnate. Be teh kind of person that money likes to be around.

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