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Monday, December 5, 2011

Abir Yaacob volume 2

Abir Yaacob
Chanoch Regal, Yeshivat Abir Yaacoob: Ohr Meir Simcha

This is the second volume of a two volume work. It starts off with the Baba Sali the most known of this rabbinical line in modern times.Israel Abuchatzira was born in Tafilat Morrocoo and ended up taking the family to Budniv when his brother was murdered by the rebel Muhamad Mualy. In Budniv the Baba Sali set himself up. He was married to his wife for 12 years before he was able to have any children. The child born to him andd his wife was Rabbi Meir. His young life was almost cut short save by a prayer by the Baba Sali's brother the "Ateret Roshenu" The Baba Sali was the head of the Jewish community for a good number of years and was widely respected by both Jew and non Jew alike. The Baba Sali was highly noted for his blessing. His favorite technique was to bless a bottle of water. Many people who were ill turned to him when the medical doctors were unable to find a cure. His cures were miraculous. The Jews of Tafilat were saddened when the Baba Sali chose to make his home in Eretz Yisrael. The Baba Sali madde his home in Ashdod and Jerusalem. He was offered several Rabbinical posts many of which he turned down. He was mightily depressed by the sorry state of Jewish observance in the "Jewish Homeland" This disturbed him so greatly that he ended up leaving Israel. The Baba Sali's fame grew very wide in Israel after he banished a demon from a synagogue. Going back to Morocco he went through France. THe Baba Sali had a habit of always immersing in the mikveh even when it was freezing cold. The Baba Sali would even role around in the snow. THe Baba Sali was known for all his fasting and hardly ate anything. He only got a half an hour of sleep a night. He was constantly studying Torah. Modesty was especially important to the Baba Sali he would wear a hood over his head so he would not be able to look upon anything forbidden. When the Baba Sali left Budniv he turned over the reigns of control to his son the Rebbi Meir. Even when the Baba Sali returned he did not reclaim his seat of power but left it for his some.

Rebbe Meir was a Torah genius at a very young age. He grew up in his father's shadow which was the way he liked. At a young age the Baba Sali brought him to be tested by the Rabbinical court. The court did not relish the idea if testing someone so young but Rebbi Meir passed with flying colors.He was giving the position of head rabi in the town of Midelt. The tzaddik had firm control of the town. He caused the Jews their to prosper and with his ruling he caused the divorce rate to decline. He hads a very sharp mind and could pin point torah facts anywhere in the scripture. He was alos known for his miracle and blessing and used much the same technique as his father did by blessing bottles of water. Both Rabbis believed strongly that men should grow beard. The Baba Sali himself could not grow a beard until he was forty years old. Something which vexed him greatly. Both seemed to hve a psychic connection with each other.

Eventually both father and son would end up in Israel. The Baba Sali settled in the town of Netivot while Reb Meir settled in Ashdod. The Baba Sali's son passed away shortly before the Baba Sali did.

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