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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Not even Goth or Craft 101

Goth Craft: The Magickal Side of Dark CultureGoth Craft: The Magickal Side of Dark Culture by Raven Digitalis

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I guess I will take the position as the odd man out. Raven has gotten well literally rave reviews from some pretty big people in the craft world. Such like would include Raven Grimassi, Lon Milo Dugquette, Aaron Leitch and Christopher Penczak. The book has gotten a lot of 5 star rating with a smattering of 1's , 2's and 3's. I will be another three. I have read book on the darker side of magic and the craft and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading such authors as Konstantinos, John Coughlin and a few others. THey gave me something that I could use. This book has nothing that a newcomer to the craft can use. If you are new to magick and witchcraft let me steer you in the direction of Donald Michael Kraig's "Modern Magic" or Raymond Buckland and Scott Cunningham, these authors will have something you can use. Really Goth Craft????

I found the beginning of the book rather interesting. I enjoyed reading about how the term Gothic came about. Anyone with a slight knowledge of history will know that it refers to Germanic cultural concepts. The Goths were Germanic. In later times Goth became associated with horror. I found reading about the different types of Goths to be very interesting and intriguing. But then is this magic or witchcraft. I found this book very suitable for a teenager who is contemplating on entering the craft or Goth scene. I like the fashion tips and the inside view on the philosophy of Goth. Maybe he should have written a book on just Goth.

There is talk about Vampyrism both sanguinary and psychic which is all good and well but if you have done your reading then this is just a candy coated review. Raven does talk about blood magic and how powerful it can be and there are a few instructions on witch bottle. But this book does not discuss Sabbats or Esbat or even a Gothic way of going about it. Who are some of the Dark Deities that a Goth who does not shy away from death embraces? Where are some rituals that can be used.

In a nutshell Raven should have written it as a guide to the Goth world. There are techniques on how to apply make up and how to dress. Great stuff for someone new to Goth. Great lesson on how to interact with people, including outsiders and fellow gothers.

I took nothing out of this book. There are great books that discuss the dark side of the craft. I have mentioned them above. Try working Ceremonial Magick or Goetics. The book gives plenty of lead for further research and there is a good over view for those wanting to look at different forms of magic. But to me the book is very basic.

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