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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Oak King

The Holly King puts on his crown of leaves and at an agreed signal, the brothers Oak and Holly interrupt the chanting with an argument:

Oak Lord:

"Holly King! You are old, your time has passed, your rule over the land is ended. Brother, give up your crown and your throne!"

Holly King:

"Never! Younger brother, you are usurper; you are young and green and untried. Take my crown if you can, but I will never give it up for you."

Oak Lord:

"Brother, I would that we do not fight, that we shed not our blood. Give up your crown, for now the new Sun has risen and it is rightfully mine."

Holly King:

"Brother, it saddens me that you should wish to take from me that which I hold. Never will I give it up for you. Care of the land can only belong to he who wins it by right of might and strength."

Oak Lord:

"That which you hold is no longer rightfully yours. Brother Holly, I challenge you to battle, and our spilt blood will be taken up by the land, which is in our care."

The Holly King removes his crown and hands it to the Priestess, who will hold it and the Oak crown for the duration of the battle, with the Holly King saying:

"Then take my crown if you dare, if you can! Let us see to whom the land belongs!"

Everyone else should be moving away a little during this exchange, so as to give the two combatants room. As the battle is being fought the others should start by cheering on the Holly King, but switch allegiance to the Oak King near the end of the battle.
Once the Oak King has won, the Priestess call him over. He kneels at her feet and she says:

"Once again Holly and Oak have fought, and as is rightful at Yule, Lord Oak has won. Lord Oak I crown you, King of the lightening days."

She places the Oak Crown on his head and says:

"Hail and Welcome to the Oak King!"

Everyone except Lord Holly repeats:

"Hail and Welcome to the Oak King!"

Lord Holly steps forward and says:

"Victor of this day you may be, but my time will come again, and you will kneel at my feet once again."

The Oak King replies:

"But for now, kneel before me Lord Holly, for this is my time."
Lord Holly kneels and says:

"Hail, the Oak King."

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