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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fragile Eternity

Fragile Eternity
Melissa Marr, Harper Collins

Aislin is now firmly established on the Summer throne of the court. Keenan her king wants to turn the relationship into a romantic relationship, only one problem Aislin's heart still belongs to Seth her human lover. The arrangement that Aislin made with Keenan seems to be unraveling. Seth is getting jealous and being with his human turned faery lover is ratehr dangerous as everytime they touch Seth gets burned. It eventually dawns on everyone that eventually Seth will die as will all of Aislin's human friends and family. Seth and Aislin want to e together forever.

On the outskirts of the story awaits Bannanach the faery of war and Soercha tghe high queen of fay. Sorchaq has the power to change everything. Bananach is itching for war. Seth gets around the faeries rather well. Some faries want Seth killed but seth is protected by Niall the king of the dark court.

Finally Bananach lead Seth to the world of fairy. It is a wonderful place where humans who dwell there doing nothing but engage in artistic projects to please their queen. Seth will make a deal with Sorcha that will solve his problem but with a price.

Reading this story I can neasily ascertain that Melissa Marr has researched her mythology and fairy lore rather well. The story reminded me of how Demeter was taken down to Hades and of how she was rescued and what the conditions were. Enjoyable read that gets four stars out of five stars.

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