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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Searching For Fairies

Janet Bord, Carrol and Graf

Pray tell me do you believe in fairies or the " good folk " as they are called? The jury is still out according to the critically thinking author. Plenty of people still believe in them though and there are several people even during modern times that still claim to see fairies. We are distanced from the belief of our elders.

The first two chapters discuss various fairy sightings , both ancient and modern, in that order. There are several salient features. First off fairies are usually seen in groups dancing around in a circle. They prefer to shun human contact . Most of the time they ignore us and disappear. Occcasionally they will retaliate with cruel jokes and even physical injury. Faeries very in their appearance . Some times they are 3-4 feet tall. Some times they are a few inches to a foot tall. At times they have wing but usually they look like bearded dwarves with brown crinkled faces. They ussually wear green and or red.
Faeries tend to live in old forts, ruins, hills and certain trees and bushes and woe to the one who trespasses or destroys their area.

What exactly are the origins are faeries? Who are they? Reading UFO abduction stories and fairie abduction stories revealing many common features. The aliens ate usually tiny and green and are about 3-4 feet tall. Some are even a few inches high . The pictures of aliens usually show them with large heads and large eyes. They also have horns at times. They abductions by and large are similiar to fae abductions. There is the distorted sense of time where in for the abducted a few minutes may have passed where as in reality years and years have passed. Some times human were abducted by both aliens and faeries for pro-creation purposes. Read through some early Garry abduction accounts and you will hear of people being taken onto carriages and flown through the sky and landing far away from the place of abduction. Very similar to a UFO abduction.

Other faery origins include nature symbols, fallen gods and angels and the souls of dead people. The land of the fae has long since been believed to be Under ground. Other believe it is an alternate realm, some thing that physicists are buying into 

Either way the truth is for you to decide.

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