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Monday, July 4, 2011

The Dreaded Nocturnonican

Konstantinos, Llewellyn World Wide

I always enjoy reading the works of Konstantinos. I enjoy it so much that I tend to read it in a day and then I am sorry the ride ended so quickly. With this book you will find that he has written down some pretty potent magic and it is very comprehensible. Magick, especially in this book is about getting results. No baloney morality here...techniques to get results.

Having some familiarity with Chaos Magick this book takes many of those techniques from Chaos magick, especially the Sigils. Well of course there is the last part on Lovecraftian mythos...definitely comprehensible Chaos magick.

Konstantinos wrote this book when he was undergoing a severe medical crisis that medical doctors could not ameliorate. There was a deformed vein in his brain thaat was causing parts of his body to go numb. He used chaos magick to assist in the healing and apparently it worked. I can relate to Konstantinos on many levels. I believe darkness can be very empowering and the primary purpose of magic is results. Enlightenment can come later. I myself have suffered a stroke and have an aneurysm on my aorta. I would like tom make it go away.

I found a lot of stuff in this book that is useful. The rest very effective but not something I see my self using. Most useful was the material found at the beginning of the book. There are two methods for "Drawing in the Darkness" Let me explain. First you find a patch of nightime sky with not too many stars. Just gaze into the darkness. Feel yourself sinking into the bed or whatever you are lying upon. you should feel yourself sinking in and the darkness pressing upon you. The earth is cool and damp. There are shadowing figures around you whispering. they turn to mist and swirl about you in a counter clockwise motion. This mist is like a tornado that you breath in. It fills your entire body. the second method is almost the same except it is shorter. You just breath in the dark Plasma.

A sphere in the Cosmos

You begin by standing in one place with your eyes open.Use shuffling step and start off slow. When you stop which ever direction you face will bee the direction you are doing your work. Breathe in deeply and visualize a purple glowing sphere. the purple sphere grows larger and pushes out the dark matter with in. It creates an oval roughly double your size and double your height in diameter. next you choose a quarter, randomly and feel the purple sphere crackle. You exhale feeling the charged air go into space. Go clockwise to the next quarter and exhale this time feel the purple energy going into your hands. It radiates out from your hands into the universe. The next quarter you exhale but this time you wet your right finger tip and feel the energy pass through your right finger tips out into the universe. Finally you go to the fourth quarter breath in hit your knees and exhale feel the energy hit the ground before going off into the universe. From this point you can meditate, do a magical working or go on to the next step.

Sigils are my my favorite as they are simple to use. Konstantinos has tweeked it somewhat but magic is about finding what works. Basically you choose your intent. Let us say "New Car" Write it down and cross out all the repeating letters. Your phrase is ANEWCR. From this you make up a new word like "WRCENA" Next you take the letters and combine them to make a picture. Save this. Next move variates from traditional Chaos Magick in that yoou can make a glowing sigil or a Blazing Sigil. With the blazing sigil you get a black block and with glue you make the design of your sigil. On that you sprinkle some flash powder. Imagine the purple sphere glowing and touch your right hand over the sigil. Exhale thirteen time and visualize your energy entering into the sigil. Then light it. The burned image is imprinted on your retina. Stare out into the sky and watch if fade away. Your ritual is down there is no banishing ritual. Now forget about the magical action and do something else.

The glowing sigil involves the rites as before but this time you paint the sigil on black paper using white paint. Crash around 11 pm Look at your sigil place your right hand over it and give it your energy. then switch on your black light. Your alarm should awaken you at 3 am. you will look at your sigil and let it it fades your wish is sent out into the universe. Now dispose of the paper without looking at it and forget the spell.

The section on Sex Magick I found useful. As it involved taking your intent statement and made up word and during an exciting time with your partner say that word to your self. As you reach the climax and you stay focused on the goal. After ward you can take some of the fluid and annoint your sigil. Then in a fews days you burn it in a ritual.

The section Hadetian rituals was interesting but of non use to me. I will not draw blood for scrying or any ritual purposes. Nor will I contact dead family members...just too many issues . Plus some of them require a multiple room dwelling.

Egregores are thought forms that are given energy by individuals and groups and they eventually take on a life of their own. These can be deities that we work with or even demon and other entities. Often times demons are just thought forms created from our negative energy and thoughts. Daemon are something altogether different. It was believed that Daemons were designed to guide us and protect us. Chaos magick believes that we created them to protect and guide us and they can be used to both protect and guide us.

Finally the book discussed Egregore from Lovecraftian mthos. Now Love craft was a fiction writer. So nothing he wrote was truly real, none the less peoople seriously believed in his mythos and they believed that a forbidden tome called the "Necronimican" was really out there. This created alot of power to be tapped into. Which is why people have found the ritual in the necronomican effective. their are evocations for the deities and instruction on how to work with them, But for that I will let you read the book. I am saving this for my own book of shadow.

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