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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

In Search of Faeries

Faery Tale
Signe Pike, Penigree
November 2010

Starting from her job in New York as an editor for a major publishing company, Signe Pike decide that there is no magic and life is suddenly dissatisfying. She decides to begin her search for fairies. Her search starts off right in New York. Her apartment neighbor Raven, A reiki specialist and pagan high priestess senses faeries in Signe’s room that she is unable to detect. Signe buys books on faeries to do her research and even does a few rituals to attract faeries into her apartment. The cat seems to be the only one who can detect them, although Eric, her fiancée, and Raven detect strange things in the apartment.

Her journey then takes her to upper New York where she meets with people who build faery homes. The faery house builders claim that the faeries gave them their ability to do the proper art work needed to make the faery homes. Raven is a driving force in this quest which leads to the next place.

In Mexico there are faeries called the Aluxes. They are little small midget sized spirit beings who dwell in the Mayan ruins of Mexico. Her research leader to several interviews and finding out about little rock and stick figure that represent the Aluxes. Got to be good to them or they will cause trouble. If you’re a good person and you are good to the Alux then your Alux will be good to you.

Of course if one wants to find out about faeries which are in existence all over the world then one should head out to the British Isles. Her first stop leads to Brian and Wendy Froud, two well known faerie artists who have done several book and movies on faeries. It is during their workshops that they take their participants to the world of the faery. As a child Brian used to play in the woods and bushes. While playing in the woods he would soon discover that all the plant life has a spirit. Their visit is informative but as she is leaving Signe thinks she can hear them talking saying that it will be a miracle if she in fact find them. Her visit then proceeds to Glastonbury with Raven. Glastonbury is haven for faery seekers. It is there that the faeries play their first trick on Signe. Raven and Signe record a ritual on an ipod which gets erased and then later returned but registered on an earlier date. It is also here that a Robin befriends her and she keeps on finding a black feather where she goes.

Her excursions will last three months. She will travel to the Isle of Man, Ireland and Scotland. She will visit many faery places and all through her journey you will be kept wondering if she is in fact really meeting faeries or if it is just a play on her imagination. The faeries work in mysterious ways. She will be joined by her sister KP for trekking in Ireland. In the Isle of Man she will be befriended by a group of bikers who show her around. In Scotland her fiancée will join her.

All through out her journey she will flash back to memories of her father and not all of them are good. He was an outdoors type who could have a tendency to push to hard. Signe also has to confront and overcome her fears.

The faery world must be approached with caution as to disrespect them will bring their ire upon you and believe me that is not pleasant. Believe you this that with faeries nothing is given a way for free. If you know nothing of faeries then this book is for you. Faery mythology is covered along with different landscapes and thought forms associated with faeries.

I will give this book a five out of five.

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