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Thursday, July 28, 2011

How to work fairies

Working with Fairies
Anna Franklin, New Page Books

Anna Franklin is a practicing witch who lives on the British Country side. Her book deals with how to see fairies and interact with them. The first chapter of her book deals with the relation between witches and fairies which is rather important . Witches got their magical powers knowledge of herbs through the fairies. Many witches when being bedridden by illness were often visited by a woman and taught their various skills. This was the queen of Elphame. In Italy she is called Herodias or Aradia and she is often called the Queen of witches. Most children and selected adults are able to see fairies. With most the ability fades over time as the mind gets more and more cluttered. Those with witchblood have the ability to fairies. These people probably have fairy blood in their veins. Such individuals often have prophetic visions and end up becoming great bards or mystics. Their ability to be a walker between the worlds is usually opened by a sickness which opens them to the fairy world.

If one wishes to make contact with fairies one needs to visit those in between places and leave offerings. Such places would include door ways, hearths , the beach sand between the water and dryland. One also finds them in caves, islands and bodies if water. Most noted are fairy riings and mounds .

When trying to contact the fey  it must be remembered that one is traveling between worlds. First step is clearing the mind and leaving all the junk behind. There is a technique to shut off the inner dialogue. Light a candle and just gaze at the flame for five minutes concentrating solely on the flame.  Next you are ready to meditate. A good pathworking consists of relaxation , actual pathworking, then the return. A good relaxation technique consists of getting comfortable and starting from you feet focus on different body parts feeling then relax and then slowly have the tension melt away. Focus on your breathing. Imagine yourself atop of five stairs and your self slowly descending .  The return involves walking back up those steps.

Here are some guided meditations.  The first one involves Avalon. This meditation involves having the magic barge part through the mist to get you. Morgana La Fey is on board. The barge takes you to the island.  This is one example of the meditations offered there are several others. The book also gives information on herbal concoctions and incensed that helps one see fairies . One must have pure intentions when contacting the fey. Do not take them lightly. When visiting the land of the Fey it is wise to glow proper ettiquwtte . Never thank a fairy, always call them the wee folk, the gentry or the good people. When in contact with fairies always be diligent with you offerings. When brownies help you maintain you home never give them gifts of clothing nor any excessive gifts as they find that offensive . If you are bring pixie lead turn your clothes inside out as that confuses them and helps to break the spell. When visiting the land of the fey it is wise not to eat their food as that traps you there or forever changes you.

Fairies also mate with humans but this can be fraught with danger. Often times after a fairy leaves their Human lover is left pining for the fairy. 

Not all Fairies wish humans well. Some do not like us. Fire elementals cannot approach us while water fairies and air fairies are friendly toward us. Gnomes or earth fairies do not like us but can be worked with. In the books end there are magical correspondences to help you work with them. 

Great book I give it five stars.

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