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Friday, June 17, 2011

The Realm of Psychic Vampires

The Psychic Vampire Codex
Michelle Belanger, Weiser Books

Weiser is noted for it's high standards in publishing occult materials. This current work is about the phenomena of psychic vampires, people who can not produce their own personal energy so they have have to get it from other people by draining their auras or vital energy. They do this by sending out tendrils and drilling into the aura.

I have never seen an actual vampire but I do believe in the possibility of psychic vampires. Blood drinkers are not the same as psychic vampires and that is an important distinction. Michelle Belanger has gotten accolade from other pagan and occultists and she offers up some great information on energy work and healing. I pulled some useful stuff from this book.

Yet her credibility is strained when she says that her "Order of Khepuru" became psychic vampires way back when and were part of a big family. I just cannot buy into it. She has created her own paradigm of vampires. Warriors are tough shot who are strong well shielded and not prone to energy drains. Healer are in the middle prone to some energy deficits but their gift is taking in energy and recycling it and purifying it. They are also great healer. Priests are the weakest and they are connected to the spiritual deficits. I find the paradigm viable but we have to remember that this is her perception and there is nothing wrong with that.

The second half of the book deals with energy work. It has great techniques for grounding and and centering. The setting up of shields is very valuable as well. The explanation of tendrils and links and their impact on your future and future lives is interesting and shed light that once you are been victimized by a psychic vampire the links are still there. They may lessen in time./\ Yet the psychic vampire can exert a strong influence on their victim.

There are many orders of vampires that teach about ethical feeding and how to live life ethically that deals with their nature. If you want to find out about psychic vampires or if you are a vampire who has not yet awakened to their nature then this would be a great book to read.

For those doing magic energy work is the core. There is no magic without energy manipulation. At times I found this book rather difficult to get into. I give it 4 stars out of five

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