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Monday, June 20, 2011

Being Aware of those Astral Werewolves

Werewolves: The Occult Truth
Konstantinos, Llewellyn Publications
Sept 08, 2010

It's a full moon and the night is crystal clear. You are alone out in the woods and your getting that funny feeling as though you are being watched. Suddenly a loud howl reverberates through the cloudless night. You see a huge lupine shape darting here and there. You think to yourself is this a real lfe werewolf? Time to get out the silver bullets oops but you do not even have a gun. You are convinced you are about to enter the realm of the dead. Of course if you survive this encounter with only a bite then by the nhext full moon you will become one of those......a were wolf.

Well not quite. Don't go believing all that Hollywood non sense. You do not need a silver bullet to kill a were wolf. Then again what exactly are were wolves. It ain't what you think. Author, Konstantinos, describes 4 types of were wolves. The first two types are voluntery and involuntery. Involuntery are those born on Christmas Eve, concieved of on a full moon or those cursed by a witch or warlock. Were wolf bite is not one of the causes. The second type are vountery types or those who choose to become werewolvesof their own accord via an occult ritual. Over teh years there have been sighting of werewolves even in modern times but none of these constitute proof. Even humans captured and accused as werewolves, no one has seen them change. Why would anyone admit to being a werewolf? Insanity, hallucinations or plain delusion. Some of the occult rituals call for teh use of hallucinogenic drugs.

Here looking at you kid :-)

Konstantinos does not put too much credence into these stories. In his mind they do not offer solid proof. There are some diseases which cause people to look hairy and their are diseases that cause people to look rather canine. Porphyria makes one look pale and have fangs. Multiple Personality can give someone an identity or alter ego of a were wolf and some people have different parts of their brain activate into thinking tehey are a wolf.

Many shamanistic culture like those of the Native Americans have their shamans shape shift into different animals and this is the direction the author takes his work. THrough a ritual when the shaman enter another world he can either shape shift into his totemic animal which may be a wolf or other animal. This could be on the astral level and spiritual level.

Through ritual and various substances people have entered into different realms and encountered diffrent beings. Some of these these interdimensional being look like a hybrid betwen a wolf and a human. Of course wolves are not the only animals depicted. This marks the third type of were were wolf.

The last type is an astral were wolf. This can be done by shape shifting the astral body intro the shape of a wolf and going out there into the world. Sometimes people see these wolves and sometimes you may even se the astral body of a freind who has been rendered unconsious after an accident.You see there disembodied spirit. Some magicians have created servitors or other being with astral energy. Tibetan monks do it and the spirit is called a tongpa. Dion Fortune did it with wolves. The author blieves that most of the werewolf citing that were witnessed involved astral were wolves.

I enjoy Konstantino's work. He has the right amount of skeptisim and the right amount of open mindedness to really explore topics such as this. I have read other works and they also concur that werewolves are an astral phenomena that involves shape shifting.

See any were wolves lately?

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