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Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Haitian Vodou Handbook

The Haitian Vodou Handbook
Kenaz Filan, Destiny Books
April 12,2010

Say the word vodou and the average persons mind conjures up all sorts of dark images. It could be anything from human sacrifice, hexing dolls and even drinking blood. Such a picture is far from the truth. Vodou works with the Loa or what is called the spirits. They are by and large benevolent and caring. Of course there are bad spirits out there but the ones listed in this book are for the most part good. The lowa will grant you your request but they will ask for some favor in return. Keep your word with the lowa or they will get back at you. Cool thing about the Loa is that y9u can serve them anyway you see fit or know how. The Loa do not care so much how correct your devotion is but they do care about the sincerety of your servic. Heck even Wiccans serve them in their circles. Oh by the way you do not have to be initiated into a peristyle or vodou temple in order to serve the Loa or work with them.

Kenaz Filan has written a master piece on Haitian vodou. His book meticulously lists and describes the various Lowa and he shows how to serve them. He covers both Ptetwo Loa and the Rada Loa. One house is quicker and hotter and they may answer you request a lot qicker but do not get them ticked off and definitely keep you vows to them. THe other house it cooler Loa they may be slow to take but they also have a cooler temper.Legba the old man with a limp and cane is always the one who opens the dorr for other Loa to come threw. Damballah the big snake who coild=s hims self around the world is real cool and likes everything to be clean. He also dislikes alcohol. Cousin Zaka is the farmer in jeans, Agwe is the sea king married to La Sirene or Frieda. THe Ghedes are the spiirits of the dead visiting with one eyes sunglasses and loving a good drink and dirty joke.

THe Haitians have a had a rough life. Starting out as a slave colony for the French and then after a bloody overhtrow things were left i to the hand of mulaatos. Power and privelige are the key in Haiti. THeir attitude towards money and love is very realistic. Much diferent then Wiccan attitudes. Life is stil harsh over there and poverty is no virtue.

It is a great book that gives one a good ground work to start serving the Loa. He gives away no secrets of his peristyle and he takes oaths rather seriously. He believes you need to be intiated to learn more although you can get results independently.He also warn against instant initiations, bullying and peristyle leaders who abuse their authority. When choosing a house make sure you are comfortable as they will be a quasi family. This book deserves a five out five rating.


Kenaz Filan said...

Thanks for the kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed the book.

The Granovitch said...

You are welcome Kenaz. It was a pleasure reading.


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