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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Book of Fallen Angels

The Book of Fallen Angels
Michael Howard, Capall Bann Publishing
February 28,2004

The author Michael Howard studie under Madeline Montalban, one of greatest teacher of the Luciferian Witchcraft's greatest teachers. Luciferian Witchcraft, however is not to be confused with Satanism as it is something that is far different.

To begin with let us examine the myth of the Garden of Eden. Where is it? and exactly who was Adam and Eve? We cannot locate the actual Garden of Eden in physical terms. The teaching of Luciferian witch craft teach that The Garden of Eden was created in the astral realms and that the first people were notr being with physical bodies but rather spiritual being Madeline Montalban called "Ray people". THis could be the people behind the faeiries. Of course human being now have physical bodies

In that Garden lived a serpent. The author does a great job of showing us that in the ancient literature of many cultures, Sumeria, Greek, Roman and Norse , that important trees were guarded by serpents or snakes. In the bible legend thing get changed around a bit. THe snake who is often identified as Azazel, Samael or Satan tricks eve into eating from the tree of knowledge. This opens her eyes and enlightens her. Humanity now has a consionce. It was for enlightening and teaching mankind that Lucifer was cast down from heaven.

Of course Lucifer is the bringer of kight and kight is often equated with knowledge or spirituality. Luifer and his angels taught mankind before God thought that they were ready. This was Luifer's sin. According to legend he descended with seven other angels who each took control of a different planet and taught human being different things. This allwed them to advance and become more sophisticated. These angel in time became enamored with human females and couple with them. This created a race of giants called the Nephilim or Annunakim. The four arch angels according to the bible were the ones hwo defeated Lucifer and his minions and drove them into the nether regions. Thier offspring hid in the hills and forests and also maybe the origin of the faerie folk. Supposedly according to Christian doctrine the faerie folk and the angels have nop chance at redemption.

Lucifer's name is several. At time he is called Samael, Azazel, Azrael or Satan. He is depicted with horns, hairy legs and hooves. He comes equipped with the upper torso of a man. Looks much like Pan or Dionysus. He is said top be the father of Cain. When Even bore the child she said he was a child of God, not of Adam and he had the angelic shine upon his face. According to the legend Samael was the father. Some Jewish legends support this. Lucifer's real name is Lumiel. He is the God of Witchcraft.

Lilith was Adam's first wife in the Bible. She was created from clay just like he was. Of course she left the Garden dues to her refusal; to be submissive. She lived in the desert and had demon babies with animals. According to Jewish legend 3 angels were send to bringer her back to Eden but she refused. She was then informed that they would kill 100 of her offspring daily. She of course became the killer of new born babies and had sway over them for the first seven days of their birth. An agreement was made were in she retained her freedom but any child wearing an amulet with the names of the three angels inscribed their on would be safe.

In Sumerian literature she is describes as the queen of the incubi and succubi. Vapire demon spirits that drink blood and fornicate with people in their sleep. Lilith is often described as a moon goddess and a goddess of love. She is associated with Venus, Diana and Hecate.

THe book later on explores the roots of the Luciferian craft by uncovering the Middle Eastern origins especially with the Sabians and their worship of the stars. In their city they a temple for each planetery deity and would worhsip in that on the appropriate day, buring the appropriate incense, and wearing the appropriately colored robes. It was said that by going through the star gods one could get to know or be added to the supreme God head.

Yezidism worships Melek Taus, the peaccok angel. He is lucifer and it is believed that he was the one who fashioned the world and mouled it. THe Supreme God was above him being very distant and remote. Melek Taus will be redeemed whwen all of humanity is redeemed. Lucifer suffers for mankind and has had many avatars including Dionysus, Adonis Cernunno and even Jesus himself.

THe feminine aspect of divinitly is discussed at length. This ultimate emanations is seen a as mediator between the cold and distant God and humanity. Request go thorough her. Magic is more responsive to feminine vibrations. She also protects mankind from divine wrath as well.

Last but not least is Cain. He is a good guy. He is the blacksmith trhe builder who creates civilization. It was during his wandering that the first cities were build. His progeny were musicians, metal smiths and builders. It is thorugh his line that the magic flows.

This is one awesome book. I advise you read it because tehre is much to learn. Michael Howard backs and supports his writing with footnotes from very schaloarly sources and he definitely knows his stuff. 5 stars out of five.

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