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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wizard's Way to Wealth

The Wizard’s Way to Wealth
Ian Edwards, Capall Bann Publishing
December 05,2008

Ian Edwards begins his magical journey in Mexico learning from a brujo or wizard named Jim. Jim by day is a shoe shine person one that you would never suspect of being wealthy. Yet he is wealthy. Jim spent many hours talking with him before being invited to his nice home. Ian learns from him. It seems Ian has experience in many magical systems or at least has been exposed to them. His book is filled with anecdotes that make for very entertaining reading.

Despite his knowledge the book comes off as being scant. Yet even in it’s scantiness there are a few gems worth looking into. The author starts off with the most valuable skill of all creative visualization. The most potent visualization is total immersion where in you find your self totally inside the picture. You see, touch, smell and here everything. The author does use Tarot cards in his visualizations. He immerses himself into the 9 and 10 of pentacles which are wealth cards. For those that cannot visualize all that well one can start their meditations with hearing things or smelling things in their mind and moving into visualization from there. Mantras are also use ful chanting a phrase or words over and over again can produce much the same effect. One such mantra might be “more money –less hours” or writing out your phrase and then crossing out the duplicate letters to get a mantra. I tried his example but my resulting phrase did not turn out to be the same as his. Trying it over and over again he just became frustrated. He seems to have changed the order of the letters around and failed to inform the reader of his doing so or why he did it. Strike one.

The author covers the role of hermeticism in the rise of the Renaissance age in Europe. As above so below. Energy can be drawn from natural objects to create miracle down here. Hermetics was unearthed in Egypt and it’s study came to Europe. This along with the expulsion of Jews from Spain caused a total revolution in European magic. Jewish kabballah brought the tree of life, Sephirot and Gematria numerology som of which is explained reasonably well. The importance of numbers and shapes and planetary associations is important to magic.

Going back to chants the gypsies used one called “Trinka Five” and thanks to the blending of culture and multicultural exposure one can also chant mantras to deities such as Laxshmi or the angel Zadkiel. This is nice to know perhaps some examples of chants to these entities would be nice or some concrete spells would even be better coupled with candle and herb workl. The author should have also included deities that are money or prosperity deities.

Through a clever use of stories and a bit of explanation the author discusses spheres of availability. Getting what you can given your current situation. You may want a big house and a job that pays 200 grand a year but you may not be able to get it now. Rather you may have to focus on achieving the steps needed to reach your goal. Take it one step at a time.

The author gives good directions on how to make “accumulators” witch are like witch bottle mean to attract wealth. One example is too make a decoction with chamomile flowers. After an effective tea is made you boil the tea until only 1/8 is left. Add that to your jar or bottle. Then you can enhance it with your own blood or by blowtorching gold 8-10 times getting it super hot and then plunging it into the tincture, The witch bottle is then buried on the property.

Another talisman is Rico Da Frog. A talisman that sits by your door after it is properly charged. Three coins are placed in it’s mouth and monthly it is rinsed down with lemon. Every time you enter the house you place a coin inside. There is extensive work on pendulums along with good explanations. The author also explains the need for prudent money management skill and a clean living space and environments. This book gets a 3.5 out of five. It could use more details on deities and concrete spells and needs a better explanation on the mantra creation.

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