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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sorgitza-Old Forest Craft by Veronica Cummer

Veronica Cummer, Pendraig Publsihing

Coming from Pendraig publishers comes a book that is stream of consiousness writing that delves deeply into British Witchcraft. It is supposedly about the old forest craft practiced by the EuropeaN Witches of old. I read the book through and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Read it through and you will definitly get somthing out of it, something you can use. The book is not without flaws if you could call them that.

The book has no bibliography whatsoever so this is defintely not scholarly material. Does that mean you cannot learn from it? Well of course not. While the author goes on to claim that this is the old forest craft i have found in her pantheon of deities several Egyptian Gods and Godddess. Funny I was not aware that the Europeans ever worshipped Egyptian deities in the forest. Now had the author gone on too state that this was her custom and practice, a tradition she came up with, then I would be cool with that. just call it like it is.

Pendraig Publications, mmmm I have heard some negative things about the whole outfit in genreral. having your book published by Pendraig is not a plus. Yet, there are some authorities on British Witchcraft who are getting their books publihed by Pendraig.I guess it is hard finding someone to publish good books on Witch Craft.

Now bear in mind that while the author has come up with her own paradigm there is stuff you can use. There is a good discussion on Witch blood and the origin of witches. She also gives a good discussion on invoking deities andd some of the rules of British witch craft. After all her whole thing is primarily baased on British witch craft. I found the formula for invokinng deities to be rather useful if you are willing to take things apart and use what is useful. Britsih witchcraft is a witch craft that is meant to be practiced with a magical partner. many of us do not have magical partners so the invokations may have to be modified.

Here is some stuff that others have found useful. THe talk of Witches Mountain where the witches dance and feast it is the center of all things yet the form that it it will take depends on what you bring to it, expect from it and what you want to see. Individual perception is everything and it differs from person to person. While you are in Benevento, Blockula ( names for witches mountain) the deities, fae and witches will be playing games which efffect this world and all other worlds. THe game creates a pattern which enable the witch to access the divine.

The author speaks about identity as well. It is stated that if you lose your identity, your true name then you risk becoming non existent. It is important to know who we are een from a psychological standpoint or we can disappear right beffore our own eyes. The withces identity is hidden they have hidden so well that they in effect have dissappeared. Their DNA is mixed with ours yet i order to do magic we have to remember so we can awaken the blood.

The withces main power is pure altruistic love. THe witches came down to help humanity. THe covens are meant to help societies reconnect to the land and nourish it and in turn be nurished by it.

I read this book on Amazon kindle for only $5.00. For a price like that you really cannot go wrong. if you are looking for books on British witch craft I mean authentic Traditional British Witchcrafft there are better books out there. For further reading one should refer to Capall Bann Publishers they have very authentic book. Of course to really learn Traditiona; Britsih witch craft one needs to join a coven or find a legit teacher. Remember in this book you are getting someone else's paradigm.

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