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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Compleat Vampyre

Compleat Vampyre
Nigel Jackson, Capall Bann

Forget what you know about vampyres especially if you are a fan of the Twilight series. This is the real deal when it comes to Vampyres and were wolves. Author Nigel Jackson takes the vampyre myth and goes all the way back to the beginning, Pagan times when the first Indo-European tribes began conquering and settling Europe. This account of Vampyres and Werewolves ain't what you think.

When Indo-European Tribes began settling Europe they had three sorts of Gods. The first type of God was a peaceful law giver, the second was the "Terrible Sovereign" who was in charge of war and magic, the third type were fertility and good fortune deities. The shape shifters whe o became wolves and vampyres belonged to the second categories of gods. They were wandering bands of war wizards meant to fight off evil. usually they stood off to the side as outcasts. They roamed the country side in packs. To become part of this order the initiate had to experience an ordeal that caused him/her to die temporarily. The initiates spirit would then be in the other world communing with the spirits. These Shamans were shape shifter and if you believe the legend theen you would believe that these Shamans could either literally turn into a wolf or that there astral body took the form of a wolf. This is were we got our werewolf legend from. Usually these wolves were the good guys but not all the time and we must remember that even good guys can be dangerous.

The Vampyre uses the same phenomena , in fact the were wolf and the vampire are the same thing. Remember that vampyres can take many forms bats, mist, dogs etc.Legend records two types of vampyre. The first type is an astral vampyre. The astral vampyre is pure spirit that rises from the grave and attacks people in their sleep. Depending on where the legend is from the vampyre sucks your life force out or your blood. The being though is an astral body. Sometimes it even drains your energy via intimate relations. The second kind of vampyre is an actual corpse usually under a sorcerer's control. The corspe does need to drink blood in order to survive.

Vampyre legends are rampant all over Europe. now a days they have a sexy mystique and have been largely popularized. They represent death and erotic impulse. The world runs in cycles. At first there is chaos and then creation. creation starts out vital and fresh but then slowly deteriorates. The Vampyre is the predator the hunter from the other world who returns things back to chaos. For from chaos spring a new and vital creation.

The book covers many legends from all over Europe and from many different parts of the world. Throughout all these legends the vampyres and werewolves are the same thing, shape shifting sorcerers. Usually the vampyre is the astral body of a deceased and evil sorcerer. as spirit being vampyres are readily associated with witches,faeries and other spiritual forces. As they travel sometimes they assume the form of an org of light. Some like in Germany are called "alps" alps in from the word alf which means elf. Like faeries vampyres can shape shift and assume a different form. also like faeries vampyre are denizens of the otherworld and when they enter our world they travel along ley lines. One tends to see vampires at certain places ie cemeteries, caves, crossroad and other places of junction between the other world and our world. samhain and Yule are considered time between times it at thes junctures that one sees or hears of vampyre and wolves.

There are a variety of ways to fight vampyres. We all know the typical garlic routine. It is legit. In fact onions and garlic are used to fight disease and bacteria. Rose wood is also used as is white wood. Like legend documents to kill a vampyre one must find their grave drive a stake though them and then decapitate them, burn them or take out certain organs. Since vampyres travel on leylines once can frustrate their travels by putting labyrinths in their way or putting seeds or grains in their path which they have to count.

The author uses linguistic analysis to show the connection between witches and vampyres. Strigi or strigoi are vampyre names in the Central European languages. Stregha is a word for witch. Shamans and witches would put flying ointment on themselves and then wrap themselves in wolf skin before shape shifting. Bottom line any were were animals and vampyres are part of the same concepts shape shifting.

This book was totally awesome. if you want a true understanding of vampyre lore that gets down to the source then this is the book to read. I have given you lots of good information but to get a real good picture you have to read the book. I give it 5/5 stars.

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