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Monday, May 16, 2011

Warrior Witches

Wiccan Warrior
Kerr Kuhulain, Lewellyn
March, 2000

This is one of those books that can be read in under a day. An easy read and not too hard to comprehend. Wiccan Warrior is a perfect book for beginners. Kerr Cuhulain has had a warriors background as an airforce pilot and an officer in law enforcement. He became a Wiccan at age 15 with his first craft name being Conan, representative of what he wanted to become. He was openly Wiccan and openly a law enforcement officer something which would cause problems and lots of public scrutiny. This was not something Mr. Cuhulain really minded. As a warrior he jumped to the challenge with relish. He has tried to explain Wicca to law enforcement officials.

Kerr Cuhulain has managed to connect sources such as Carlos Castenada’s Don Juan series, Samurai warrior ethics and Bruce Lee’s philosophy to Wicca while still keeping in tact “Do what thou wilt but harm ye none” The path of a Wiccan Warrior demands discipline and the main aim of the path is not to over power other people rather it is to gain power over ourself. The warrior does not condone violence but uses it as a last resort. It only when all other avenues have failed that the warrior can use physical means to thwart aggression. One who conquers himself is mightier than someone who over comes a thousand.
Chi is the energy or life force found within each of us. This chi is also a familiar concept to the martial artist. To the Wiccan raising energy and projecting it is more familiar to them then the concept of Chi. To raise energy Kerr Cuhulain teaches the use of mantras and dancing around the altar as ways of raising energy. To project it one points their hands at the person in need of healing. To connect the concepts the use of the kiai shout in Karate at the moment of impact is used as a metaphor.
The warrior embraces change and is not a slave to patterns or dogma. Religion is constantly undergoing change and Wicans like anybody else must be open to that change and be able to go with it. Athames , wands and other tools are not mandatory but can be helpful. Kerr Cuhulain is an advocate of innovations and individuality. This is needed so the practitioner can design magical practices that are most beneficial to them. Kerr Cuhulain is against strict authority giving full equality to self made rituals as to the standard established rituals. Covens are on equal footing with solitary practitioners. Kerr is against the Wiccan faith becoming rigid and authoritarian.
A great book for beginners. For the more advanced this stuff might seem too basic. The author does subscribe to a philosophy of simplicity rather then complicated rituals. I give it a four out of five stars.


Pamela Brezina said...

we were ask about warrior witches and I had never heard about them so i did research!

Pamela Brezina said...

Glad i came to this site learned a lot thanks so much!


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