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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Valley of the Bones By Eric Wilson

The trilogy comes to a blistering end as the final book comes to the finale. Taking off where the second book leaves off. Gina and her father fake her death in order to throw off the collectors. Natira who is now head of the Akeldama cluster sets off on his own to hunt down the Nistarim. He kills off almost all of them. Gina in the meantime moves in with Suzzette and Jossey. She hides under an assumed name, and helps around at the shop. Everyone is on her team trying to stop the collectors. Gina fianlly gets to meet her long lost son Jacob although at first she is only allowed to view him from a distance on Lummi Island. Jacob is guarded by the unfallen ones who can dissappear at will.

In the backdrop of this exciting book there is a treasure hidden in Jerusalem and among this treasure is the Crown of thorns worn by Jesus on the day of his crucifixion. That Crown is the key to everything. Natira believes he is the black king the one destined to waer the Crown and rule the world. THe stash was placed there by Rasputin the Russian sorcereor. Several keys to unlock the treasure are scatted all over the world. Sarge Jed's unlce has on of the Keys as does an over weight lady who lives in Oregon. Natira does get a hold of one the key. Carl stops him by teleporting into the treasure trove and getting the crown of thorns. Natira has a son who looks like Saquatch. Cal kills him with the crown of thorns.

THe final battle takes place in the Valley of Bones as an Army of Golems try to smash the Nistarim who are gathered in one place inoreer to resuce one of their own. In the end the Golems are forced to battle the Ressurrection of the Dead. THe Crown of thorns plays a major part.

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