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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dreadark:Silksingerby Laini taylor

the adventure of Magpie Windwitch and her consort talon continue. Magruen one of the seven Djin who created the worldhas been found now Magpie must find the other 5. One was killed off already.THe first one they find is Ithuriel he is sleeping deep under ground. Magpie and Talon battle a giant python toget that Djinn. THe Sliksinger in a battle long ago allied with Fade the last Dragon to stop Onyx a very evil sorcerer and his band of his devils. they got by on flying carpets. Fade was ultimately killed along with most of the Silksingers. A few did survive and they reamined hidden. Up until the devils found them on their island hideaway. Whisper is the last one as her grandparents died trying to protect her from an army of devils intent on caputuring Azazel one of the Djin who was protected by her clan. She arrives at a travelers town with Azazel asleep in a tin pot. Her objective is to get to Nazneen and put him on hios thrown. Along the way she joins some traqding hobgoblins most of whom get killed by devils. She is protected by Harik and his scimitar. Harik is of the Mothmage clan ones who supposedly abandoned the battle they were supposed to fight. He has an objective to reclaim the honor and become Azazel's champion.
But not all is well inthe town of Nazneen. For unerneath the city their lurks and army of devils ready to pounce led by Etriag.A freind will betray Magpie and Whisper will become a prisoner. Harik will get injure in battle. The end things come out good but Ithuriel gets kidnapped the traitor steals some of Magpie's glyphs. great book especially for kids.

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