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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Earth Power by Scott Cunningham

Scott Cunningham is one of the premier voices in Wicca. He has written over 50 books on Wicca and Witch craft. In this short comprehensive book called "Earth Magic" the author discusses Earth Magic. Earth Magic is based on tapping into the energy off the four elements. Earth, Fire, Air and water. The rituals are simple and easy to use. They are mostly folk magic and the spells have been around for a very long time which means they are tried and true. These spells are not Wiccan they are from an older form of Witch craft.

Here are some remedies that are very earth based. For example for aches and pains even sickness. In addition to going to the doctor you may want to try these as well. Take a potatoe or apple and rub it on the affected area. As you rub it visualize you illness being transferred into the plant. Another good trick is to lay down on some fertile ground or soil. Visualize your illness sinking from your body into the earth. After that visualize the energy rising back up into your body. To keep evil demons out of the house you can fill up a bottle with soil or sand. The demons need to count every grain of soil before they enter the house this frutrates demons very much. Dirt has even more uses. As your children leave throw some dirt after them to keep away. Do it without them knowing. To transfer your problem take a handful of earth and focus all of your trouble into it in minutia detail. After that throw it over you shoulder and walk away. For scrying get a seven inch plate and fill it with dirt stare at it intently and images will come forth.

Here are some wind spells. These spells normally coincide with a certain wind such ass the north wind, south wind etc. It is best to do these spell with that wind blowing. To determine which way the wind is blowing it goo to put a piece of material on a pole and watch which way it is blowing. The material if it is blowing North directions mean that a Southern wind is blowing. The east wind is fresh and energetic this is a good wind for doing renewal spells.

North Wind is called the "Wind of Death" but not a physical death rather it is a wind that kills negative things in your life such as bad habits or negative happen stance. Magick should never be used to harm other people because if the practitioner does that he only ends up harming himself.

South Wind are hot and fiery and it is a good time for any sort of spell do to the high energy of it.

West wind is cool and reinvigorating and is good for healing love and fertility.

Fire Magic

If you have a problem or bad habit draw symbols on the Paper and throw the paper into a raging fire. That should cure or eradicate the negative habit.

To cure a disease light a fire consisting of Oak Wood and when the fire burns down pick up an ember and throw it into a pale of water. As it sizzle and pops visualize you sickness going away.

Water Magick Spells

Go to a spring take a stone and juice from a nearby plant. Draw a picture of your need on it. Take it into your [power hand or writing hand and walk three times around the spring look at thee spring before casting the stone and say "Spring of Clear water ceaseless and true send me the wish that I now ask of you" throw the stone into the spring. before leaving take a sip of the water.Leave a token of thanks to the spirit.

For a lake divination cast a stone into the lake. Count the number of rings it makes. If the rings are odd than the answer to your question is yes. if they are even then the answer is no. This is used for a yes or no question.

If you are sick go to a stream and submerge your entire body feel the water cleaning you and cleansing you and the sickness leaving your body in the form of little black worms. As you are submerged say this chant. The sickness is flowing out of me into the river and down into the sea.

These are just a sample of the spells. I recommend this book strongly.


bdswagger said...

Sadly Scott Cunningham passed on awhile back. Lucky for us, he left a legacy behind.

In the use of root plants to cure illness... its customary to then bury the plant at a crossroads.

The Granovitch said...

Thanks for the information.


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