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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Moon Magick by DJ Conway

Ancient religions prior to the advent of male dominated solar religions based their calendar and lifestyle on the moon. It made sense the moon has a profound affect on our lives. Observe human behavior during a full moon. Crime rates tend to go up people seem to have more energy to use either from positive or negative purposes. People tend to get more emotional during full moons. Tides also rise with the moon phases and our bodies are 75% water.

That being said it is obvious that ancient Goddess centered religions were in fact based on the moon. Dj Conway for this book gives us a chapter for each of the thirteen lunar months. In each chapter she tells us what celebrations happen for which Goddess during that given month. THE Goddesses come from a panoply of different faiths. Some from the Celtic world, other from the Northern Traditions. There are Greek, Roman, Sumerian, Chinese and Japanese deities that are honored here. Oh and let us not forget the Native American deities and South American Deities. This makes her an eclectic pagan who believes that divinity is connected on the deepest levels of our existence. Sometimes Deities from different pantheons are honored in the same ritual. This seems to be happening a lot in Modern Wicca.

Included in each chapter is not only a list of the Goddesses but also the mythology behind several of them. Many of the rituals are reconstruction if not entirely remade from scratch. It is impossible to carry on rituals as they may have occurred thousands of years ago because life today is different from what it was way back when. If life changes and evolves so does religion. Many writings regarding rituals are also not properly preserved leaving lots of gaps to fill in.

There are several cool things about this book. Beside thee rituals and deity listing. There are several recipes, craft projects as well as other being associations and herbal associations listed as well. The book is great for any beginning eclectic Pagan.


Anonymous said...

haha~ funny! thank you for your share~ ........................................

The Granovitch said...

Glad you liked it


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