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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tarot and Astral Projection

Astral projection the soul leaves the body. It happens every night supposedly when we dream. Some Occultist tell you it could be dangerous that you could cut the grey thread silver lining that connect the body to the soul. Astral projection is not as dangerous as it seems in fact it is quite safe. If anything dangerous happns you will just wake up....zap! Cutting the silver thread lining is very difficult to do...almost impossible. But why do it? You do it because wishes and wants that manifest on the astral realm materialize in the physical realm.

In order to astral project you realy have to want it. A deep burning desire! Visualizing is the key you have to see the stuff in your head. One thing you may want to do is build your self an Astral temple. This is your safwe haven while out of your body. Now the Astral world has several maps the best known one is the Kabbalistic tree of life. The tree of life is composed of way station or sephirot.

THe first step is getting prepared sit in a chair and relax. The second trhing you do is bansih your area from any negative influences. One way is to walk around with incense and make a statement thay you are purifying the area. Next you stand in the center of your circle and declare " It is my intention to astral project and contact my guardian angel. Sit back in your chair and enter a hypnogic state by taking in three deep beaths and leting them out. Next you visualize an exact double of your self and load in your information. When this is done you should se your self sitting in te chair go exploring and try to contact your guardian angel. Remember that you may meet all sorts of astral entities. Any advice they give you should be treated the same way as the advice from a stranger on the street....with a grain of salt.

THere is a variation of this using the tarot card. Mucha s was done before with the relaxation, the banishing and the creating of an imaginary body. THis time you will focus on a certain tarot card. As part of this you will see your self inside a card and you will walk along a path until you are blocked and can go no further. YOu need to know the password. THe password will be the name of of an angel and they are according to the Sephira 10) Sandalphon,9) Gabriel, 8) Michael, 7) Haniel , 6) Raphael, 5)Khamael and 4)Tzadkiel,3)Tzaphkiel, 2)Ratziel and finally 1) Metatron. Say the angels name in order to pass. THe first name you will be asked for wil be Gabriel.

The Sephirot correspond to different astrological influences:

9) pertains to the moon and safe journeys
8) Mercury which is success in writing , business and communication and divination.
7) Venus Beauty, love, pleasure and art
6) Sun Health, friendship and harmony
5)Mars hunting, conflict, energy and vitality
4) Jupiter specualtion wealth and gambling
3) Saturn , Elderly, ending, reincarnation
2)Radio Television film, ESP
1) Basic invention

Kabblistically there are four different worlds of being and theyu correspond to differnt symbol in the Tarot Spread

Plane world suit meaning
One Assiyah pentacle Action
Two Yetzira swords Formative world
3 Briya Cups Creative World
4 Azilot wands Archetypal world

Enjoy your astral travel tommorrow we discuss the Tarot Dance and the Lesser banishing pentagram ritual plus how to charge objects.

adapted from Tarot and Magic by Donald Michael Kraig

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lovingnightfire1 said...

K so I love many of the points you hit on, they bring a new way of thinking, but the limited detail is a bit frustraiting. And any relaxation technique is going to take more thn three deep breaths! Where is the vibrations stage?


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