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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Magic of the Tarot

Donald Michael Kraig is one of the premier occultists of his day. His knowledge and experience in magick is widely attested and many wil tout his praise. Mr. Kraig brings magick down to a practical and doable level. Of his several books I am curently reading "Tarot and Magic" While no one really knows where the Tarot originate from there are several speculations. They have been used in Italy since the 1500's for divination. Now we are realizing that they can be used for magical purposes. As the author goes through his discussion on Tarot cards he refers to 4 basic sets The Golden Dawn Tarot, Universal Tarot, Thoth Tarot and the Shadow Tarot.

The Basics of Magic

Magick is the ability to make changes in your life controlled by your will. There are couple of things one must keep in mind when dealing with Magic. First off for every magical actions there is a reaction. We do magic all the time but sometimes we negate our magic. Cast a spell for improved finances and bemoan all the bills you have to pay and how hard it is only serves to weaken your magick. To do magic you have to raise direct and manipulate magical energy. One very important rule is that what manifests on the physical plane must be first manifested on the Astral (mental plane). You should also cast a spell for what you realy want. If you want to buy a car do not do a spell for the money needed , rather do a spell for the car that you really want. Magical energy is simplyt that magical energy it is neutral. How it is defined depends on how it is used and for what outcome. One should alsways use magick for positive outcome even to negative situation. It is a science and an art performing magic. Magick will change you and posiively afect your energy field.

When you set up to do your ritual there are things you need to keep in mind. First consider the following charts.
This chart deals with colors

Black: evil, negativity confusion and discord. Burning the blackl candle rids evil influence

Gray if for cancellations and neutrality

White stands for purity and truth
Pink is honor and love.
Red is for strengths and courage
Yellow is attraction, persusions and charm
Greenish yellow is for sickness, cowardice nger and jealousy
Green is finance, fertility and luck
light blue is for tranquility, understanding, patience and health
Dark blue is for imopulsiveness, depression and travel
Purple is for tension, ambition, business
Brown is for hesitation and uncertainty

Colors matches to astrological signs

Aries-red, Gemini-Orange,Cancer-Amber,Leo-Greenishyellow,Virgo-Yellowish green, Libra Green, Scorpio-Greenish blue, Saggitarius- Blue, Capricorn -indigo, Aquarious-violet, Pisces -dark red.

Colrs as they relate to the days of the week.
Monday-white, Tuesday-Red, Wednesday -Orange,THursday- Blue,Friday-Green, Saturday Black and Sunday yellow.

Casting a spell is not diffuclt one can right them, use visualization, props whatever works for you. When doing love spells put the spell on your self not on another. One can use a poem that rhymes or does not rhyme in order to write a spell.
Down below is the suggested altar set up

Incense Burner

Goddess Bandle God Candle

Day of week candle Your Astro Sign

Color candle for
Spell objective

Tarot card

Tommorrow I shall further elaboarate on the process of the ritual and touch a bit on Astral Projection and it's relations to the Tarot and the Kabballah.

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