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Friday, April 30, 2010

Blackbringer by Laini Taylor

A long time ago when the world was relatively young the Seven Jinn who created the world along with a Faerie named Belatrix captured all the devild that lived in the world and imprisoned them in bottle. Belatrix the heroine lost her lover in those final battle and went away somewhere to disappear.

Jump ahead a couple thousand years and Magpie is born. She spends a brief childhoold time in Dreamdark a kingdom of faeiries, then her family takes off to gather all the Faerie magic before it disappears. As she grows up she end ups in the company of crows fighting any devil that get freed from their bottle. Blackbringer is one such devil that is freed from his bottle and he devours everything in sight. Literally!
Magpie and her crow friends track him to Rome where they find out that he has killed one of the Jinn. The Jinn's name is Vritra. It seems they are too late. Yet Magpie picks up a sword called "Skulldraig" a sword once wielded by Bellatrix. A sword that will kill all who try to wield it unless they are heirs of Bellatrix.

The trail leads back to Dream Dark, Magpie's former home. Upon reaching Dreams Dark they are greeted warmly by some who remember her and coldly by those who do not. THe Queen Vesper, supposedly an heir of Bellatrix is not so warm on them. Magpie has maqic that turns Vesper's hair to worms.

There are several imps in this story. THe good one is Snoshti the one who took care of Magpie and had all the animals bless her because Magpie was the prophecied one.
Batch Hangnail has a knack for finding hidden treasures and he is the one who discovers the Magruen the slumbering fire Jinn who created living things and al mankind. He is the one who created the tapesty which ios now falling apart.

Blackbringer is the one who sent Batch to to fnd a pomegranite from Magruen. But batch gets thrown out. Blackbringer is alos eating the fairies unles they are in Nver Haven which is magically protected. Blackbringer is not any devil he is a being that helped the Jinn create the world.

Eventually Magruen wakes up from his slumber and the final battle begins. Magpioe is the product of dreams and has a special destiny. Remeber that Faeries can live forever and when they dies they go to the moonlit garden.

THis is a great book for children. This is one I would reccomend.


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