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Thursday, April 22, 2010

I have finished reading the book. There is one chapter that talks about the "Tarot Dance" this used Tarot cards not only for divination but also as tools for personal change. My favorite was the two card reading. You want to change and you pull out a card from the deck. It could me any card let us say the fool. So you act like the fool. Carefree unobservant and maybe lacking in knowledge. You want to change for the better. The second card is the magician. He is confident, competent and in control. You sit in another chair and begin to act like him. This has an effect on your aura and personality.

The author has had experience with the Golden down has written instructions on how to do the Cabbalistic Cross and the lesser banishing ritual. Rather than go into details here I will let you read the book. Needless to say I find the Cabbalistic cross useful in anointing myself before I go out. The banishing ritual could be used prior to a spell or prayer session. Remember magick is constantly evolving and it is about using what works for you.

Amulets are best created on a waning moon and are used to keep negative things away. Talismans are best created during a waxing moon and are used for attracting positive things into our lives. There are two ways to consecrate or charge your amulet/talsiman. The first one derived from Wicca is forming your two hands into a triangle. In the space capture the image of the moon. Focus on it and then bring your triangle onto the Tarot card. You should raise your energy and direct it into the card. After the energy is transferred you clap your hand to seal the energy.
The second way is from the Golden Dawn system. Where in you step forward with your left foot and thrust both hands out in front of you palms down fingers straight. Put your hands over the object you wish to consecrate. When the energy is transferred close the ritual with a hand clap.

The final chapters focus on sex magick. That is a book I plan on reading at a later date. The basics of this are getting sexually aroused and focusing on your target or goal. There is also discussion of exploring the dark tree or the evil tree. The author makes note that this is not evil but in fact different and unexplored. I recommend this book very highly. Enjoy.


Holy Morroccan Sage engaged in Prayer

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