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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Teen Witch by Silver Ravenwolf

I found out about this book from a student of mine at the school where I worked. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this work. This book is an excellent book even for adults even though it is geared towards teenagers just getting into the craft. The book also has a message for parents that asks them to allow their children the space to explore their own spirituality. Wicca teaches the reader many things about how to get into the craft but also several things that go beyond the craft. There is a spell for everything yet eveen for money spells the author says you may cast your spell but you still have to work for the money you wish to receive. The book has love spells but you can never magick someone into doing something against their will without experiencing bad results. If you are being harassed at school by bullies or having difficulties with adults there is a spell for that. Just remember that if you have a problem you must consult with an adult. A spell alone will not do the trick. It good word of advice is that it does take time to realize our goals.

Wicca is based on worship of the Goddess and the God , sometimes called the Lady and the Lord. The Goddess has three forms the virgin,maiden and the crone. The lord comes in as a baby but is also represented by a hunter. When Wiccans do spells they draw their energy from the power cone. The book also teaches about Esabat and Sabbats. Esbats occur monthly and correspond to moon cycles. While Sabbats concur with solstices. THe most famous being Samahain (Halloween) and Beltane. Witches can practice alone or with a coven. Witches that work alone are called Solitary Witches. Most covens go up to thirteen members and then stop. Reading this book the learner will bee able to annoint and sanctify an alter. Sanctify a space and seal a circle. Moon cycles also determine what kind of spell the practitioner will do. New moon to Full moons are for attracting things into your life. From the Full Moon to the waning moon is a time for banishing.

Wicca is about positive energy. It is a violation of the Wicca code to hurt or harm anyone outside of self defense. You shall not take what belongs to another person or deprive them of oppportunity so that you may benefit. They do not believe in darkness or using dark power.

Silver Raven wolf has garnered up quite a bot of controversy. Some off the stuff I read on the internet mostly points to a difference of opinion. Some people say that she has several of her facts wrong. Since I am new to this the only wrong fact I might have seen was when she called the Goddess Diana the daughter of Queen Aradia. Several sources say that it is the other way around that Diana gave birth to Aradia.Over all I thought it was a great book and it had a very positive effect on me. Something which I shall thank the author for.

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