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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Healing Spell

Needed Items:
Small cauldron
Incense (Frankensence)
Alter candle
Proper colored candle(s) to represent the petitioner(s) inscribed with names
Olive Oil
Purified water
Glass bottle

To begin, prepare your alter. Arrange your cauldron along with your petitioner(s) candle(s), small cauldron, hot purified water, and incense. Concentrate your thoughts on the person(s) needing relief and healing. Visualize them being pain and illness free. Then say:
“I ask you, Goddess, to ease his/her pain. Take it from him and give him relief.”
Carefully add olive oil to your cauldron.
“Destroy it Goddess, so it will harm no one.”

“I ask you Goddess, to erase his/her aches.”
Carefully add eucalyptus to your cauldron.
“Banish them from this world, harming no one.”
Carefully add lavender to your cauldron.
“Give him relief Goddess. Take his/her ills. Purge it from his/her body. Thank you Goddess. As I will it, so mote it be.”
Working counter clockwise, blow out your candle(s) starting with the petitioner(s). Lastly blow out your alter candle. Allow your potion to cool. Once cool, transfer to your glass bottle. Apply once to twice daily the affected area, repeating the spell. Do this for seven days. Longer if for a major illness.

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