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Monday, December 7, 2009

Muslim Fundamentalism is Israel

"Muslim Fundamentalism in Israel" by Raphael Israeli
A mass return to religion is happening these days in the Islamic world and it is no more apparent than in Israel where a Muslims population is ruled by a Jewish majority someone who thy consider a protcted person or a Dhimmi. THe return to Islam happen along to lines. One is an increase of religiousity. Most of the people in this category want to become more religious and they want to comprmise with modernity and Western progress. THe second line is radical Islam. Radical Islam is anti- Western and want to develope independently from the West. They feel that Western culture is empty and immoral.

In Northern Israel the Islamic movement is starting to take hold. Mayors who ideentiofy with Islamic fundamentalism are coming to power as their constituent vote for them. These mayors many of whom recieved a modern education in Israeli Universities are embracing hardcore religion. Village Un Al Fumm is the most poignant example the Leader who previous preached violence against Israel toned down his programs after being arrested by Israeli authorities.

There are several Islamic parties in the Northern part of Israel each with a differening agenda. Some parties and their consituent preach a two solution along with promoting Arab rights inside of Israel.Others want an Islamic state to replace Israel. While others are content with where they are. Most realizde that they must work inside the confines of Israeli law

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