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Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Magician's Way by William Whitecloud

There are seven rules of Magic for the main character to learn in order to gain control of his life and achieve true happiness. The first secret is that your thoughts and feelings are not real. They are products of your assumptions about yourself and the situation. The second secret is that your focus creates your reality. Focus on the end result of what you want to see happen and let things flow from their. The
third secrets is that everyone has a heart. We all have dreams and aspirations. The fourth secret is that there is always action to take but nothing to do. This means that we must take action towards the realization of our goals. Doing
requires certain preconditions. The sixth secret is that you get your energy from a higher source. In order for this to happen you have to release your self from certain notion in order to locate where your highest good comes from. The fifth secret is structure determines the outcome want to change the outcome then change thee structure. The final secret is that success takes will. An overall good book that takes the main character through golf lessons, resturaunt, bars, parties, blackmail and bike rides in order for this group to teach him the secrets of Magic. I found the part about focusing on goal and changing yoourself to bee very impoortant towards achieving the happiness we wish to achieve


Lance said...

The important thing is realizing that your thoughts and feelings limit you from achieving your true heart's desire. These are programs from the past that condition us into thinking we cannot have what we want, that we are powerless victims. The magician is someone who liberates himself from this programming, hence someone who walks in the world but is not of it.

The Granovitch said...

Great point Lance. Our thought and feeling do limit us. I think I was focused on the technique that get you out of the swing circle which is focusing on your goal or objective.


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