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Monday, January 25, 2016

Tricksters and Adversaries

Tricksters and Adversaries of the Left Hand PathTricksters and Adversaries of the Left Hand Path by Daemon Barzai
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In the realm of spirituality one comes across many different types of entities. Two that you will come upon are adversaries and tricksters. Adversaries act as opposer or fighters barring your way. Tricksters use wit to fool you and sometimes teach you in very round about ways. Tricksters can also act as psychoppmps and guides.

This short book has somethings going for it and a few things that go against it. In terms of interest , well I read the book in one morning. This means two things ; one the book was interesting and the second is that it was short. So what we have here is an informative interesting book that gives information about tricksters and adversaries yet it falls short due to technical issues.

The technical issues are that the book is just too short. You pay a high price for only 100 plus pages. The second issue was that the book came in a pdf format not like that of a regular kindle book. Lastly the editing was shoddy. There were numerous grammatical and spelling errors. Not very professional.

Now for the good stuff . When informing us about these tricksters and adversaries the editor has authors write from many different domains. One author pulls from Voodoo and tells us about the amoral Eshu spirits who inhabit the lower astral plains. Including in this are instructions on how to curse. But remember the Eshu can trick you. Deities like Pan, Lilith and Lucifer are discussed and there are rituals and meditations that come along with several. You also learn about Livecraftian deities and Native American tricksters.

Over all a short informative book that the reader will find enjoyable.
I hope to see future works from this company but they have to up the professionalism if they want to keep going.

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