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Friday, January 8, 2016

Does Might Make Right?

Might is RightMight is Right by Ragnar Redbeard
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I remember growing up and hearing the statement that might does not make right. Of course, with regards to bullies and dictator I always agreed. Yet, when someone wrongs you , then you have to right to take restorative action which could include violence. Might does not make right but some right needs the might.

What follows from the pen of this author is a diatribe of extreme social Darwinism. Many right wing Republicans would agree with these sentiments. This pamphlet was written 1896 and like I said this was a rant. None the less this book has had a strong influence on many people including Anton LaVey.

Reading this diatribe I found there were things that resonated and things that did not. The author focuses on the greatness of Northern Europeans to the exclusion of all others. Asians, Africans, Jews and Indians it seems are frowned upon. The author wastes no time in bagging on Jews, Judaism and Christianity. The author would like to go back to a time when Vikings fought with swords and what was yours you had to defend with the edge of your sword. We were not going there back in 1896 and we ain't going there now.

The author believes strongly that Christian ideology has put a mental straight jacket on the minds of the Northern European. It has weakened their warrior spirit and has given them a slavish mentality. In his mind they need to get back to that. He would advocate martial arts training to strengthen the youth. After all only the strongest survive and for the sake of evolution that should be so. Conflict is seen as something good. True that many groups of people perished because they were not strong enough to beat a rival nation. To the author this is fine, if you are not strong enough to hold your own then you simply should not be about. Nature is not kind and she has a brutal selection process. This author would also be against support programs for the needy and less well off. After all if they cannot cut and make for themselves then they don't deserve it. Ragnar's view of women may be off as well. He believes they look for warrior type men. He also believes they like to be mastered by their men. A woman's job is to give birth to healthy children.

I do not subscribe to the authors views on women, different racial groups or on his views of charity. I do believe that our current Judeo Christian ideology does put limits on our success and causes us to be held back. On charity, let us say that those who paid into the system should receive benefits when they are down as should people who will eventually get back on their feet. I do not support the fact that welfare collectors are living better then someone who works and pays taxes. The author would also support corporate greed. Not me.

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