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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Baphomet on Ethneogens

The Book of BaphometThe Book of Baphomet by Julian Vayne
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Baphomete, exactly who is Baphomet? Is he another version or icon of the devil or is he a representative of the old horned God from yesteryear. Perhaps auld horney and the devil are one and the same. Most of us are familiar with Baphomet from either his picture on the Satanic Bible cover or perhaps the cover of Eliphas Levis book " Transcendental Magic" the figure is quite androgynous. The head represent a bulls head and the musculature is that of a weight lifter. Yet Baphyhas a nice set of female breasts and down below his waste there is a very erect phallus. The authors would equate Baphomet with being the supreme creator or life force.

The books comes from the pen of some Chaos Magicians. I like Chaos magick myself. Yet this work comes off like a spur of the moment acid trip. The authors write that they have used ethneogens to reach a trance state and connect with Baphomet energy. Oft times the authors went into caves to do their trance work.

While most of this work was stream of consciousness it did have some strong points as well as some week points. There was a bit of history thrown in , some useful invocations and a little work plan at the end. I wish there was more of it.

The book comes off like someone penned this during an acid trip. Great so we get your conceptualization of the universe. Now give me something to work with. Give me some rituals, spells , working etc. where is the beef?

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