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Friday, August 21, 2015

War of the Jinn and the Wolves

Kiss of the Silver WolfKiss of the Silver Wolf by Sharon Buchbinder
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Werewolves have gotten more than their fair share of fantasy/ horror coverage over the the years and it seems that the Jinn are finally getting their place in the son. Usually when werewolves fight against other creatures it is usually vampires, no vamps in this book. This time the Jinn and the werewolves are fighting it out this time. Never happened before.

Authoress Sharon Buchbinder has produced a wonderful story that just about anyone can read and enjoy. I read this story and found myself wanting for more. I am hoping that she will generate several sequels to this work and I hope they are a lot longer. This has all the element of a great story and if the movie producers ever get a hold of it I trust it will translate to the screen very well.

Charlene the main character is left traumatized by the sudden death of her parents. Bereft and alone wallowing in debt, she is left to care for a special needs older brother and the monumental task of completing her doctorate in medicine. The death itself is a mystery as her father has his face torn up and there are strange hairs all over the place. Something about her mother's past was deliberately hidden.

Elaina Solomon a sephardic.Ethiopian Jewess who works for homeland security is investigating paranormal activity near Eden, Kentucky which is were her mother Johanna comes from. Wouldn't you know it there is a feud between the Jinn and werewolves. Going back to the time of Solomon when the werewolves were meant to keep the Jinn under control, th Jinnin their anger have sworn vengeance on the werewolves . The conflict involves killing, rape and vengeance.

At her parent fuineral she learns part of the truth and events in the story propel her to move back to Eden to learn the full truth. Mixed in with a bit of romance this story is riveting. Eliana Solomon is much like the X files, David Mulder, only with more history. People do not take Jinn and werwolves seriously but numbers start adding up that people cannot deny. The war between the Jinn and werewolves goes on.

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Sharon Bell Buchbinder said...

Thank you for for your wonderful review!

The Granovitch said...

You are welcome


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