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Sunday, August 2, 2015

A Modern Day Book of Seth

Necrominon: Egyptian Sethanic MagickNecrominon: Egyptian Sethanic Magick by Michael W. Ford
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A left handed path grimoire dedicated to the deities of Ancient Egypt but with a twist. This book is not based entirely on the Ancient Egyptian way of worshipping or workining with the gods, but rather it is working with the deities as deific masks in order to attain your own individualistic will and stand out. Originally based on a Grimoire called the Hararate and the Book of Tehuti by Charles Pace this volume gives over the left handed path of Setians by Michael Ford.

In this book I have went through the trouble of sharing copious notes. THe book discusses a wide array of topics. These topics would include a historical overview of the Pharaohs, deities, and several sections of ritual and spell. Each of the Pharaohs represented something to the author. For example Ramses would teach that if you approach a challenge as a battle you will approach your problems with a strategy leading to success.

There were also some notes on Alexander the Great. As we all know when he conquered Egypt he somehow assimilated the pantheons of Egypt and Greece into one. The assimilated theology of Athens deified the hero or individual who demonstrates the potential of self excellence in benefaction, cultural growth and conquering spirit. Very Luciferian.

Since this volume is of the Luciferian hilt it would be good to know that strength of individual is paramount for obtaining results. When performing invocations and spells visualize in your circle that you are becoming a god manifest and that in those moment of performing sacred art you are the center of the universe. Every word chanted should be done with passion, investing belief in every image and sound in which you shape your future desires into being. Heka is the Egyptian word for magic and in Heka...thought, action, image and power are in unity, especially when they are endowed with Heka. When you are invoking deity allow your imagination to be stimulated to use intensity and focus towards each utterance.

In the Egyptian way of things , especially when combined with Luciferian thinking the soul is divided into parts so to speak. Ren is the Agathademon or true will. Ib is the conscious heart and personality. Shadow is the astral body assuming the form of darkness containing the conscious mind. The Ba is the manifestation of the qualities or power of an individual god. Ka is the vital life essence of an individual or deity. There are other terms but I feel for this review I have mentioned enough so I will go on to say that you should let the myths serve you and never become a slave to them. This will help you ascend and achieve your true will.

An aspect of Luciferian philosophy is not that the gods are individual deities but rather that they were reflections or personification of universal forces at work both within the human being and in the universe. This can be evidenced by the way deities were combined. Further support for this viewpoint comes from Hermeticism, a magic theory influenced by Judeo Christian mysticism. The philosophy maintained that thee gods were a creation of the universal mind and an abstraction of being. They were images of specific archetypes.
Each of these masks or abstractions had power which the individual can imbue them self with. That power is called Sekhem which is a power of divine characteristic.

Seth himself was a god of conquering obstacle and questioning all. Beer and wine were acceptable offerings for Seth. Anyone familiar with Egyptian mythology would be aware that Seth the younger, was a foe of Seth. Reality in Egypt was  different. Early Egyptians especially viewed Seth and Horus as one. This dual god of a unified Egypt was called Antywey hrwy fy. Apophisn  is another supposed foe of Seth. Remember that Seth spears Apophis on the boat of a million years. Sethanist and Luciferians view Apophis ass a primal and violent power of our survival instinct, lust and drives which our cosnious mind must channel. Some Luciferians view Apophis as a darker more energetic aspect of Seth. Remember that in Nature theere is no good and evil there is only balance.

Going back to Horus, when the greeks came by Harpocates represented a version of Horus the younger. He was veery popular and was thought to compel destructive energy to stay away. Horus also had four sons  who represented the four cardinal directions in the underworld. The Pharaoh when alive was a manifestation of Horus and when he died he was a manifestation of Osiris. In a sense the Pharoah was a god himself, something which Luciferians strive to realize in themselves. The Gods could also devour other gods and assume their characteristics. Unas the Pharaoh supposedly did such a thing.

This book offers a lot for the individual trying to reach his or her own potential. There is a lot more info in this book and cannot possibly give it all over. It is in my private notes. Those seeking this information should ask me or read the book.

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