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Monday, August 31, 2015

A Sample of Tantra

Tantra Sadhana: A Practical Introduction to Kaula MagickTantra Sadhana: A Practical Introduction to Kaula Magick by Mogg Morgan
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What comes off as a book dedicated to Ghanesha turns out to be be more about the over all picture of Tantra. THe first sections of the book are definitely about Ghanesha but the book later veers into the legends of Ghanesha and then turns into the history of Tantra. At the end there are some notes on politics within the different organizations spreading the word of tantra.

First thing to consider is the definition of Tantra. Tantra are basically religious texts from both Hinduism and Buddhism which places a value on carnal knowledge or gnosis obtained through whole body sensation. Sadhana is the practice of Tantra. THe practice has five main exercises. THen first is a the matra where in a typical phrase is repeated over and over again. Words have power. Mandala or Yantra is a holy design set up behind the alter. It represent the deity. Good tool to focus on. Mudra are hand gestures. Nyasa is the installing of diety power into their mandala. Dhyana is meditation. Puja are physical rituals. Lat but not least ios Diksha which is being initiated into an order. Tantra speaks of liberation through the breaks of social taboos. Tantra contains magic for results and and for personal betterment.

There are schools of tantric though that maybe available in the west. Among them are AMOOKOS which brings over traditional tantric practices but also realized that the system was highly compatible with the working of Crowley. There is also the International Order of Naths. There are five schools in the far east.

To effectively practice Tantra one must be initiated. Which is where the two previous organizations come in. THe book outlines some practices that one could do on their own in the mean time. Practices like praying to Ghanesh or certain mediations like creating your own astral temple. THer are also some ritual samples.

Tantra according to the author are the religious praqctices of the Indian population prior to the coming of the Hindu Aryan. THe ARayan were warrior who over road India bringing with them their religion. At the outset Hindus venerated warriors. Later things would morph into being more priest centered. The demons of Tantra were the Gods of the previous siciety. Vrious  lingustic proofs can attest to this.

Ghanesh has two legends surrrounding him. Firswt he was created by Shakti. Acting as a guard she gets his head severed. Shiva finds him another one donated by an elephant.Another version has him being born of Shiva and Shakti. A magician states at Ghanesh and kills him. An elepjhant head is used to revive him. Ghjanesh is a god for money and removing obstacle.

The book over all is rather good. The authorr gives to the reader an over all good view if history and background in an easy to understand format. Some of the working are good as well and will give the beginner something to work with both as a sample and as a tide over until initiation. I did not like the last part about the politics of the International Order of Naths and AMOOKOS. I do not care for politics when reading spirituality.

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