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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Call of GodThe Call of God by Ex Preacher
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Do you hear the call of god?Can you hear his whisper in your ear ? Many have heard the call of god and they answered the call by engaging in service to their church . This can be done by tithing, missionary work or volunteering.

But what happens when a committed Christian, a formor preacher no less, doubts his faith and has questions . Usually he gets attacked and scorned . The faith he had was supposedly imperfect. Yet they totally did believe .

The preachers have bags of tricks to lure in the gullible . One is to go around visit churches and tell the home ministers son that he had been chosen by god to do something great.

For many Christians the real eye opener is when they experience hardship and call out to god.No one answers. God is testing their faith. But we cannot test God, despite that the church says we can.

If a parent were to behave towards their children the way God behaves toward us they would be locked up as abusive parents. The bible does not conform to scientific evidence . Christians are afraid of being separated from God. That is why they fear those who decinvert. The Church like all religious institutions is filled with hypocrisy and lies. Rapists and criminals are welcomed back into congregations while victims of abuse are shunned.

The short book is very convincing for those who want to leave the church or any other form of organized religion. Whether it shakes my belief in a higher power that is another question. Very good book.

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