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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Modern Life of a Greek God

The Tales of Pan: Three in the WoodsThe Tales of Pan: Three in the Woods by T.J. Richmond
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Not exactly primo literature or anything that will go down as a classic. But if you are a pagan or enjoy Pagan themes you may find this book enjoyable that is if you into strong erotic content. The actual story itself is about 26 pages long, shorter than most magazines.
Young Mary decide to go camping in the woods one night and nestles herself in the hollow of a giant red wood. In the woods she feels herself being spied out by several observing eyes, She believes elves o0r faerie folk are watching her. James another camper also spies her out. He approaches her with a ritual dance and what follows after ward is a feast of love making. All this gets observed by the Greek God Pan. He possesses James, observes and even joins in at one point. When the lovers are asleep he sprinkles dust on them to increase their feeling for each other. Later on his maenad Ava will join in.
The two end up spending several days in the forest. When they leave they take off in James RV but not before Pan gives them a gift. Reed flutes which can be used to summon him anytime. The story ends off with them leaving into the sunset.

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