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Monday, September 23, 2013

Spring of Everlasting Life

Tuck EverlastingTuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt
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I wonder what it is like to live forever and be totally impervious to pain or destruction. The Tuck family knows all too well what it is like. They drank from the fountain of youth and now they are unable to die. Would you like it not to age? Sometimes I think I would but living forever…I do not think so.
Mae Tuck is going to pick her two sons up at the edge of the Treegap woods. The two brothers are out traveling the world, taking part in wars and other activities humans take part in. Remember that back then everything was horse and buggy and much like the wild west. Mean while at the Foster’s House young Winnie is growing tired of her life and all it’s rules. She wants to wander and see things. In her front yard musings she befriends a toad who she talks to and the toad does not answer back. A strange man appears asking her about the Tuck family. Thing is no one knows who the Tuck family is because they lead an isolated life out in the Foster’s wood.
It is while speaking with the grandmother, that the stranger hears a music box. The stranger knows the tune. The Grandmother thinks it is elves playing the music. She can remember it going back a way in time. Interesting to note that elves were known for playing music and making off with children.
The next day Winnie plucks up the courage to go exploring into the wood. It is there that she discovers the Tucks. She ends up going to their house somewhat against her will and being treated rather well. It is while spending time with the Tuck’s that she learns their secrets. The stranger causes some mayhem and Mae gets arrested for killing him. Of course she is immortal and cannot die. None the less Winnie helps her escape.
The short story ends with the Tucks coming back decades later seeing how the town has changed. They also visit Winnies grave stone. She died a devoted mother and grandmother. Bit sad of ending.
This edition was published by McDougal Little and is used for Middle School children. It has some cool essays in the back that discuss immortality and never being able to die including one by Ray Bradbury. After you read this you will realize that it is not fun to live forever.

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