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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lord Rahls Final Adeventure?????

Confessor (Sword of Truth, #11)Confessor by Terry Goodkind
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book wraps everything up neatly and it shows major improvement for Terry Goodkind as a writer. THe story is filled with action and keeps on moving all the way to the end. Literally you are gripped and you will not be able to put the book down. Gone are the beginning phases of the book that last 3/4 of what you read and then fast forward to the story's conclusion. Gone are alos the endless recaps that cause you to have to read a previous story that you already read. In hsort I really liked this book. A major improvement over the previous ones. I realize there is the Omen machine and I do hope that he lets Kahlan and Richard live out there days in peace, happily ever after. But that does not rule out other people having adventures at another point in time on the same world.

The book still does have some preachiness and some of the scenes still lag on. Yet there are qiotes woorth lifting from the book.
In any case it begins where the last one left off. Richard is trapped in Jagans camp on the Azrith Plain, Kahlan is invisible to all thanks to Chainfire. No memories of her are left. She is Jaganmgs captive. Magic is slowly eroding and the Imperial Order is about to over whelm the people's palace of Dahara. THe sisters of the Dark manage to kidnap Nicci, Samuel has the sword of truth and Richard is befreft of his magic abilities. Richardstill manages to use the Jahla game to upset the camp. It looks lie surrender is the only option for Richard.

Things end out neatly. I do not want to spoil the end but the Imperial Order wants a world without magic and a world rules by dogma in a sense they will succeed. The boes of Orden come into play. SHota plays a hand and some old friends return like Gratch. The Temple of the Winds is revisited and Gregory a dragon son from Scarlett makes a play. A perfect way to finish off the series.

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