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Monday, May 6, 2013

History of the Little People

The Lost History of the Little People: Their Spiritually Advanced Civilizations around the WorldThe Lost History of the Little People: Their Spiritually Advanced Civilizations around the World by Susan B Martinez
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According to the author there was an advanced species of little people that convered the face of the Earth before the advanet of mankind. When mankind started taking over they started dissappearing almost without a trace. Yet traces, a few of them were found. In certain parts of the United States mounds were found. They contained the bones of tiny elf like people. They were brushed off as the graves of children yet they showed signs of being Middle Aged adults. Cheyene legend hold that thre were a race of people called Nunehi who lived in barrow or underground. These nunehi taught the Nativgge Americans about the use of herbs and medicines plus the use of tool and technology. They were the teachers of mankind.

All around the world there are societies of little people. The bushmen of the Congo, Negrito in Indonesia, Negrillos in the Phillipines and the Andamans in the continent of South America. Moreover thre are legends of these little people deocumented the world over ranging from Greek, Roman, Sumerian, Irish, Norse and Native American. THe little people of today live in forests, underground dwellings and high mountainous areas. As the big humans encroach they die off and their numbers become fewer.

In the barrows that have been unearthed advanced tools have been found indeicating that these guys knew how to build and manufacture tools way beofre homo sapiens even came around. They passed their skills to us. Since their number are diminshing ( the author says they are extinct, at least the original ones) one day there will be few signes of them left. For one the author says they cremate their dead, number two is that they were transformed into gods. Most poignant would be in Egypt the Gods Ptah and Bess. Origninally they were small now they are eleveated to giants.

In the Middle East the author maintains that they wer called Ilhins and that Israelites were in fact dwarf people. Thie red cap significed self sacrifice and magic. People thought that they could shapehsift and do powerful magic.The red cap also significed the Caul which meant the baby was gifted magically. THe author maintains that the little people came from an Island continent called Pan, which like Atlantis was destroyed in a great flood. The surivivors joined everyone on the mainland. Their skin was described as white or almost translucent, like you could se through their veins. They are supposed to be well mannered and no violent, their society is egalitarian.

The book makes for an entertaining read and she has done a good job collecting the various folklore and putting it together. She comes up with many linguistic connections not all I am sure that I agree with. She says the Hebrew word "ain" means humble when in fact it means not or do not have. Most of the pictures she shows of the little people are of the same color as the others from where they are from or they are African looking. Which would lead me to believe that the little people wee originally black as in African. All of mankind and civilization originated in Africa. THe author footnotes her sources and uses a lot of pseudo scholarship. Where is the hard scientific evidence supporting what she has said. Has this tome gone under a peer review? I could se them being white if they had to live underground but that does not sem to be the case. She makes a case of them being nocutrnal dweller with moon like eyes. She also bleieves that little women were abducted by protomen who she calls Druks. They were apre like creatures. This in breeding caused the birth of man.

I believe in the Little people, I believe in one or more island continents disappearing under the sea and I believe the little people do exist. Yet her claims are outlandish and not properly proven.

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