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Friday, May 17, 2013

Beyond the Vale of Tears

The Well of Tears (Dream Stewards, #1)The Well of Tears by Roberta Trahan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book presents a nice easy read. Those who are enthusiasts will find the story enjoyable. The story is fantasy but with chunks of historical fiction thrown in. You will not learn anything from it and the story itself is simple and it's conclusion will leave you longing.

The story is set in a fictional version of Wales. The Order of Stewards is called back to Fane Gramarye to support Hywell a new king that will support the followers of the old order . Madoc is the leader of the stewards and within the order there is a contest for power . Maddoc stands for maintaining the old ways. Macreth , his lying underling, has plans for power. Certigwen an electable sorcereress stand on the side of Machreth.
Aleena the head sorceress must foil the plan. Working in tandem with Bledig , the wolf king and the Fane's guard Alwen fights off armies of Hellions and Natural disasters . In the process her daughter becomes a fairy.

Who will win this power struggle? Will the kings reign be secure,? Who are these old gods? they are never given names. No mention is ever made of Christianity and the setting is never explicitly stated.

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