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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tortured in Russia

Tortured For ChristTortured For Christ by Richard Wurmbrand
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Any ideology can be used to promote violence against another group whether it be religious, ethnic, or gender based. One such violent ideology was communism which stripped the individual of their humanity. Individuality and personality were lost under the harsh environment created by the Communist Dictators in Russia. Their basic premise was to shove atheism down your throat.
Richard Wurmbrand was also Jewish by birth and the communists did not like Jews either. His wife Sabina was also Jewish. Her whole family was wiped out by the Nazis. Their son Mihai or Michael is carrying the reingns of leadership.

Richard Wurmbrand started out his life as a atheist in Romania. The Church never really appealed to him. He described himself as the worst kind of atheist. A Romanian carpenter from the Romanian mountains changed all that. He wanted to bring a Jew to Christianity because Christ was Jewish. Richard then went on to witness many people to Christ. As a pastor he endured Nazi brutality when the invaded Romania. He felt that the communists from Russia were even more brutal.

The author tells how he witnessed in army bases and how he managed to get his materials distributed during communist rallies Witnessing was outlawed , religion was outlawed. To kill religion the communists planted moles in the religious movement and encouraged people to spy on eack other .

When a believer was caught they could expect to have their family taken away and they would be tortured. But they endured, they hated sun bit not the sinner. The family was persecuted as well.

Richard advocated more bible to be sent to troubled regions . Speak up for Christians. Work at witnessing the oppressor.

Great book even if you are not Christian. It shows the strength of the human spirit and how evil ideologies can be.

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