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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tolkien's book of Lost Tales II

The Book of Lost Tales, Part Two (The History of Middle-Earth, #2)The Book of Lost Tales, Part Two by J.R.R. Tolkien
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Let us say that over all this is a great tome. The writing by JRR Tolkien for the most part is excellent, with a few passages that are a bit of a challenge to understand. The problem is not with JRR Tolkien's writing but rather with the extensive notes written by his son, Christopher Tolkien. Ok yeah I get it he want to explain the differences between the these rough versions of the story and the official in the Simarillion but he goes into over kill and frankly that is not needed.

The book continues with Eriol's sojourn in Tol Eressea. The elves of that island tell him several more tales and he tells them a few of his own. Eriol lived in a town on the Great Land and during a minor skirmish he lost everything. His parents were killed and he was pressed into servitude. Eventually he escapes and he makes his way to Tol Eressea. His friend tell him the Tale of Tinuviel. Beren in this version is an elf not a human. Tinuviel is half faery and half elf. They fall in love when he ventures into their relam that is hidden from Melko by the queen's magic. The Queen Gwendeling is a faery. The realm is made up of free elves both Noldoli and Avari elves. Now the king does not quite approve of this match so he challenges Beren to obtain one of the Simarils from Melko's crown. Beren sets off on his quest. He becomes a servant of Melko and his cat assistant Tevildo. After a long period of time Tinuviel longs for Beren and set out to rescue him. Using magic that causes her foes to fall asleep she breaks into Melko's realm to rescue Beren. Huan the king of dogs help out and you know they hate cats.
In the end there is a battle between the Wolf King and Beren and much like Tiw in the Norse legends he looses his hand. In a strange way they end up together.

In Turumbar and Foaloke , the short version of "Hurin's Children" documents the wars of elves and men against Melko. Hurin gets captured and tortured. Part of the torture involves watching the fait of his children. Turin goes off to King Thingol to be raised in his court. Turin becomes a great warrior, slaying off many orcs and goblin. But he ends up banishing himself from the court after killing another elf for insulting him. He continues his adventures slaying orcs with a good friend from Thingols kingdom. They have many an adventure together but all that ends when Turin is rescued from the captivity with the Orcs. by mistake he slays his friend. He does fall in love with an elven girl but loses her to Glurund (Foaloke) the dragon. He sees his mother's homestead taken over by a corrupt person . He kills the corrupt person get banished from his mothers village and gives himself the name Turumbar. THE Dragon manages to steal away his sisters memory and the two end up connecting. In the end the Dragon is slain and the tainted gold is liberated. Things end off there but the book that was released later called "Hurin's Children" has a very different ending.

"The Fall of Gondolin" documents a hidden city that is found by a wandering Noldoli who escapes from Melko servitude. Many elves and Noldoli are enslaved by Melko. Ulmo the sea god leads this elf to the city. His coming was fortold and much like a prophet he warns the inhabitant to leave and return to Valinor. His word is not heeded. Our hero marries the elven princess and remains with her for many years. They have a child named Earel. Eventually Melko finds out about this hidden city and after a brutal war and some internal treachery the city falls. everyone ends going to the beach hideout. A special destiny is held in store for Erendel.

"The Nauglafring" is about the cursed gold from the slaying of Glorofund the Dragon. Somehow Hurin is released from captivity and he is the one who brings forward the gold. The simaril which has been liberated by Beren is combined with this gold to make an elaborate piece of jewelry. But the gold is cursed and that curse involves people killing each other over it. This soon leads to war between and elven kingdom and a dwarf kingdom because the Elves enslave them into making the Jewelry. The elven Kingdom gets destroyed. In retaliation Beren and Tinuviel are called from the faery realm to extract vengeance. There is further loss for Beren and Tinuviel but vengeance is secured. They have a daughter named Elwing.

Earendel weds Elwing and then loses her. He takes to the seas to find her. The final part of book delved into Aelfwine. A confusing expalanation to say the least. You can red it and find out. Well worth it for Tolkien fans.

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