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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Black African Origins of Civilization

Black Genesis: The Prehistoric Origins of Ancient EgyptBlack Genesis: The Prehistoric Origins of Ancient Egypt by Robert Bauval
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Black Africans founded the first societies and their societies an knowledge formed the bedrock of all human civilization? Well yeah, I could have told you that a long time ago. THe problem is that many professors in the academia and Egyptological world were all to quick to dismiss this notion. African scholar Amanta Dio tried to bring it to world attention but was laughed. Anyone who tried to reveal this truth recieved roughly the same treatment.

The Greeks themselves said that they learned everything about society and astral mysteries from the Egyptians and the Ethiopians and that they were black. Scholars these days have a lot to learn. Thomas Brophy and Robert Bauval have decided to expose this truth and they have done it using a very innovative tract by using archaeology and astronomical knowldege. What folows is a super detailed book whith all the events put together one after another. Their knowldge of astonomy and the sights built is rather detailed so if you wish to grasp it all you had better pay attention.

Starting with Jebel Wainat and the Oasis Dakla in the Sahara the authors piece together an intriguing narrative. These sights housed cave, Egyptian Hieroglyphics and Cave painting. Heiroglyphics?? THe Egyptians were never have thoughtto made it that far out into the wilderness. The drawing show cows, humans dress as cows enacting shamastic rites. Archeaology shows that there were donkey trails leading out into the Sahara complete witth watering stations for supplies. These runin though predate Egyptian civilization as do the hieroglyphics. Other sights include rings of stone that ar somewhat reminiscent of Stonehendge. Nabta Palya had such a ring along with the burial of cow bones and a huge cow stone.

What were these rings for? It is obvious that these Aricans venerated cows and the Egyptians venerated Hathor the cow Goddess who's thigh is represented by the big dipper. Closer examination shows that these rings measured the movements of the stars in the sky. Most important for them was them was the rising of the Sirius star in midsummer which brought on the midsummer monsoons. For the Egyptians it was the flooding of the Nile.

These Saharan Star people moved through the desert as it became too dry. They first settlec in the Elehantine area and moved up. THe au8thors bring forward convincing proof that the Pyramids of Giza were also contructed to measure the Rising of Sirius Star. Other stars that were also observed were Orions Belt, the Sun and the Big Dipper.

One fantastic fact filled book. For those interested in African or Egyptian history or just regular truth seekers this book is for you.

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