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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Children of Hurin

The Children of Húrin (Middle-Earth Universe)The Children of Húrin by J.R.R. Tolkien
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Everyone familiar with the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. Familiar with Sauron well Morgoth was his master and teacher. During the first age in Middle Earth even before there were Hobbits there were Elves and Men. The Elves were the first born and many migrated East with the Valar. The ones that stayed behind were called Dark Elves. Those that went with were called Light Elves, especially those that went to Valinor or the isle of the blessed. The ones that chose to stay on the West coast and not complete the journey were called "Grey Elves" Light Elves made it all the way to Valinor. Morgoth was the highest of the Valar but he basically rebelled and started his own kingdom. He destroyed the Golden and Silver Tree from Valinor and swiped Feanor's Silmarrillion. Feanor went after him but never really got the Silmarrillion back.

Jump ahead many years after that and you have Noldor as a kingdom along, with Doriath and Nothrolomad. They are elven kingdom. There is also a hidden elf kingdom called Gondolin. Men have also come from the East many of whom are fleeing Morgoth. These men are given are given land and they form kingdoms that are allied with the elves. Some houses of men are the houses of Hador and Haleth. Hurin is of the line of Hador. Hurin and his brother Huar are the leaders. During an initial skirmish with Angabond they are separated from their group. They eventually are taken by eagle flight to Gondolin where they reside for a year. After which they return and of which they say nothing of. Morwen is Hurin's wife and he has two children Lalaith and Turin. Lalaith dies from a plague sent by Morgoth. Turin is left surviving. Another battle ensues where elves and men try to resit Morgoth and his orcs. Hurin's side is utterly routed. Hurin himself is captured by Morgoth and in return for his resistance Hurin gets to watch his family cursed. Now bear in mind that Morgoth is helped by a giant Dragon called Glauron. As Dorlomin is overtaken by savage men from the east. Morwen is able to hold on to the castle for a bit because people think she is a witch. After all she has elf friends and hence magic. Turin stay there for a few more years and then goes to the Elven king of Doriath, where Thingol is the king. Turin grows up there and becomes a warrior of some stature. But some elves do not like uncouth humans. Saedros provoke Turin and eventually attack Turin. After Turin kills him he flees the kingdom and joins a band of outlaws. From there they run into Mim one of the last dwarves in the Middle Earth. Mim is resentful of the outlaws and Beleg, Turin's elf friend who tries to persuade him to return to Dorlomith. Eventuyally the orc take over and Turin find himself in Nagrothond. Eventually Glauraung sacks that castle as well. Having failed to save an elven maiden and the city Turin flees to his old homeland to find it in ruins. He joins some woodsmen and for while they resist the orc invasion. Things end with Turin reuniting with a younger sister he never met, meeting a maiden and a sad parting and an ending of honor and battle very reminiscent to the ending of Beowulf.

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