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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Modern Root Work and Hoodoo

Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic: A Materia Magica of African-American ConjureHoodoo Herb and Root Magic: A Materia Magica of African-American Conjure by Catherine Yronwode
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I remember a while back buying some money drawing oil from the local occult shop and really liking the smell. The person who sold me the blend told me it was a Hoodoo blend. I also learned that many folks like to use Hoodoo or root work when doing money magic or other magic geared toward getting some physcial result. When I asked where the formula was from this book was shown to me. Now there were no recipies for the money drawing oil but there was everything else.

Catherine Yronwode, Jewish by background, had an intense interest in African American folklore and spellcraft. Her introduction at the beginning of the book is highly informative. She tells the reader the history of Hoodoo here in America. It all started with African slaves being bought over on ships and forcibly beeing resttled here in America. They bropught with them their religion, magic and root knowledge. These African religions mixed together and coagulated with European magick brought over by the slave owner and native American lore. Hoodoo has several advantages over Wicca and Ceremonial Magic. It does not have all the high ceremony and it is practical as it uses rocks, bones, herbs and graveyard dirt. There is no religious system per se in Hoodoo but there are at certain occasions calling for a prayer to Mary, Jesus and the Holy Ghost. Of course while there is no heavy duty ceremony there was an influence of grimoire magic back in the day. This influenced there crafft greatly. Now of course I must mention another advantage. Root worker use the herb it is as perfect as God above craeated it. There is no need to harvest at a particular time or plant at a particular time. Modern Paganism is really into lunar fazes and planetry hours. While some of that is in Hoodoo, because there are certain magical actions that call for doing it during a waxing moon and a waning moon. Some Pagans might take issue with the use of Jesus, Mary and the Holy Ghost.

Ceremonial Magic and Wicca have some corrolaries or limits to the use of there magic as sometimes there can be a negaitve result. Hoodoo does not have such limitation. There is nothing to protect yourself from. There is also no Wiccan rede or three fold law.. Quite liberating. Now there are several incense blends, recipes for Gris Gris bags and what have you.
So what exactly is your aim? Hoodoo has it. Is it money, revenge, love, psychic powers, curses, controlling someones behavior, keeeping a spouse faithful, dominating your lover etc. The list could go on there is spell craft for just about everything.

Now the question why didn't I give this book a five? My first qualm involved the fact that the ingredients called for certain powder and oils which were not given a recipe for in the book or at least I could not find it. The author has a website so you will have to order some of those products from her website or shop. Would be great if she put the recipes out front so we could even be more empowered and make the stuff. Although truth be told things like a bat heart, badger tooth or gator paw you most likely would order from her shop. Some Hoodoo calls for placing object on someone's property or quite literally on their doorstep. These days with security cameras and high tech surveillance equipment. Good luck.

As I type this review my wife has just read to me something about wearing bat blood around your neck for gambling luck. Where will I obtain bat blood. What about a recipe for goofers dust, or commanding oil?

This is the best book on Hoodoo you will find. Everyone raves about it and for good reason. There are plenty of practical magical actions that you can do with what you have on hand. This book is a must read.

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