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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Faery tale Rituals

Fairy Tale Rituals: Engage the Dark, Eerie & Erotic Power of Familiar StoriesFairy Tale Rituals: Engage the Dark, Eerie & Erotic Power of Familiar Stories by Kenny Klein
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When it comes to Grimm's Faery Tale's you are seriously going to have to forget what you know and try to learn about them with an open mind. What you may have read in the Grimm's faery tale or seen on the big screen is nothing but a sanitized and watered down version of what the real faery tale was. The Grimm brothers had started out with a privileged life , it was while studying in the University that they became enamored in folk tales. So they began to collect them. To make them palatable to everyone else they sort of cleaned them up and made them all light and fluffy.

The first tale is about Snow White and the most famous right now. In the original tale though it was not the stepmother who wanted Snow White killed it was rather the real mother. Why would a real mother want to kill her own child. Well in the original the father is the one who wishes for the daughter and while riding through the snow on their carriage they find a young forest nympth. The father is taken by her and the mother grows jealous. The huntsman is supposed to kill her. He doesn't and Snow White literally becomes wife to seven dwarves with the older one having special privilege over her.The queen tries to kill her several times but fails the ends up eating some apple that gets lodged in her throat. A bumbling prince find her and wakes by accidentally knocking the coffin over and dislodging the apple.

Hansel and Gretel are children to a starving couple at the forests edge. Hans the smart is the guy who leaves bread crumbs which are disposed of by the evil ,mother. Later he uses silver pieces . Through there story they are helped by birds. In the faery like forest where thy are lured into a witches trap . Actually there are several faeiries that eat people also. Wiches were perfect bad people. In faeland things reverse and Gretel is the smart one who tricks the witch. When they come back mother is dead. (She was the witch).

Briar Rose is the real Sleeping beauty. She placed in a country estate and then found by a king who is married. He has his way with her while she sleeps and then goes away. In his absence she gives birth to twins.The king picks her up later on but his wife is rather jealous. No matter she gets tortured to death in the end anyways.

Little broomstick is the original version of "beauty and the beast". In here the father picks a rose for his daughter. He is then captured by the beast and has to spend his time there in the castle or have a family member stay in his place.First he tries to get broomstick to take his place but the beast see through it so pious little beauty does it. She ends up sleeping with the bear and falling in love. She leaves for a bit then comes back and absence which almost kills the beast.He is revived with cabbage. The family ends up living living there.

Of course those are just a few of the stories with a different retelling. If you want to find out more then get the book I recommend it. After each story there is a ritual that goes along with it. Some rituals are coming of age, love, friendship and or keeping away unwanted attention. Kenny Klein is well read man and offers many comparison both to Paganism, religion and other nationality folktales. The thing of it is that he should tell the who tale first and then make his comparisons.

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carole said...


Very interesting articles, I enjoyed reading them and, as you said from a different perspective.

The Granovitch said...

Hi Carol I am glad that you enjoyed the articles. Thanks for reading them.


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