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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dark Assassin

The Dark PathThe Dark Path by Luke Romyn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book seems to garnered some very positive reviews. In fact many a positive reviews and I can see why as the over all story is a good story. Vain other wise known as the Darkman is the most feared assassin in the underworld. Rightly so as he is downright effective at what he does and he enjoying torturing and killing people. His main informant is the "Squirrel" a homeless down and out former wallstreet investor with a knack for picking up information. The Dark man used him to track down Dante a underworld figure he kills off rather easily. The story starts picking up after he is tracked by a young girl and knocked unconscious. Vain wakes up to find himself tied down to a bed in a hospital like setting by the priest and Tobias. It is during the conversation with the priest that Vain gets his mission, redemption and for the reader an opeing as to who Vain really is and why he became evil.

His job is to protect the Avun Riah, or the Babylonian equivalent of the savior. For this generation the boy's name is Sebastian and he is being pursued by a cult called "Souls of Sordarrah" The Cult is lead by Empeth a former guardian to a former Avun Riah. Empeth is assisted by the 4horseman of the apocalypse. In Rome Vain finds out about the Glimlocke a powerful talsiman that will give him the power to fight against Sordarrah. It is in Rome that Vain loses Sebastian to the dark ones. What follows is a battle of both wits and meddle as a mere mortal takes on the most evil forces of the universe.

Great story but heck the author could have covered more ground on the Sumerian and Babylonian mythology. The dialogue at times seemed cheesy and had nothing to do with the story but seemed to dwell on the trivial. There was also a lack of segue leading from one event to another. The reader would be in one place and then all of the sudden would find himself in a another scenario. The writing could use a bit more work on details so the reader could have a picture in their mind as to what the scenery really looks like.

I hope the author keeps writing and I hope he continues to improve his writing skills. He has lots of potential.

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