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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Precious Water

From a Drop of Water - A Collection of Magickal Reflections on the Nature, Creatures, Uses and Symbolism of WaterFrom a Drop of Water - A Collection of Magickal Reflections on the Nature, Creatures, Uses and Symbolism of Water by Sorita D'este
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From a drop of water all life began. From a mere book about a drop of water there opened for me an exciting learning experience about one of the most over looked elements of magic and that is water. Kim Huggens put together an excellent compilation and Avalonia keeps putting out these excellent books.

Essays come from a great variety of writers. To mention a few Sorita d’Este, Payam Nabarz, Emily Carding and Kim Huggens herself. That only barely scratches the surface as there are many more authors who contributed . The subject covered are just as wide reaching and broad. The use of water and the deities connected to water are very thoroughly covered. Payam Nabarz covers the Persian Goddess Anahita who was seen in a vision by the Caspian Sea. Flanking her were two silver lionesses. She was the mother of all and is very connected to water. Temple dedicated to her are scattered throughout Iran, Armenia and other parts of the Middle East. Some of the rituals performed by her followers are still being performed by Muslims and Zoroastrians. Egyptian bathing of the pharaoh in his private chambers is discussed as he is convered with the waters of life by Thoth and Horus so he can be cleaned and invested with Godliness. The water is depicted with ahnks which mean life. The water of life baptism is still followed in the Christian and Jewish religions. Yemanya the African Sea Goddess is the mother of all. Before traveling over seas even if by plane one should pray to her for safe traveling and one should thank her upon arriving safely. Do not mess with her followers as she protects them well. She grants wealth, maternal beauty and stability. Her children are the fish of the sea.

Water itself is imbued with many properties. It is a giver of birth and at the same time a taker of life. It cleanses and it transfers spiritual energy. It is said that moon charged water is healthier for plants then no charged water. This was proved by experiments performed by scientists. Another experiment showed that water charged with positive or negative emotion changed reality to match those emotions when drunk or used. Many opf the deities and well guardians tend to be female by and large. Water is a feminine element. Celtic lore is filled with female water deities. Check out the mermaids, you do not see many mermen. In the olden days bodies of water were seen as portals to the world of the Fae or Underworld. The ancient Europeans used to throw offering into the rivers and lakes.

This book is wide as it is deep. Excellent job Kim Huggens and Avalonia publication.

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